Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Workout and Morning Cooking

Happy Friday! <3

Kennedy had a two hour delay from school today so I was able to cook this morning!

Vanilla Cupcakes- made these yesterday and ate two last nite while drinking Teecino and watching Gilmore Girls--fav show.

HUGE pot of quinoa! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack food! Complete protein awesomeness.

Friday nite Pizza. Every week we have pizza and the neighborhood girls over for movies. This month of "Monstober" we are watching scary or Halloween theme movies. Tonite is Hocus Pocus!!!

Today I did a great workout. As I am getting back in my flow I am going stready. 15 mins warmup and then...leg press, chest press, shoulder press, glute kickbacks...

More cardio...great stretches. Ahhhh feels good.

Make sure to move your body today. Even if you turn on the radio and shake your ass for 20 minutes. ;-)

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