Thursday, October 6, 2011

They Wanted to Kill My Dog- So I went NON vegan...

Okay. My precious dog Halo has been sick. Very sick. Super very sick. The vet determined that if I couldn't come up with about $2,000 that I would have to put her down. way. If she were deathly ill...of course I would have wanted her out of her misery, but I felt in my gut that I could help her.

I went out and bought pedialyte, organic chicken, and white rice. I started using a baby medicine dropper to get the pedialyte into her body and boiled the chicken and rice and hand fed her. Within two days, she is responsive, waggin her tail and attentive. If I had let them put her down...we would be without her right now. Yes there are times and circumstances that warrant putting a dog to sleep- obviously- but I used my gut and I know that this isn't one of em!

Although buying chicken was strange...I haven't done it in years, it felt like the right thing to do at the time for my Halo and now she's thriving!
On to life... It is crunch time for the GRE and school apps and with Halo's illness, I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind. The next few weeks will find me studying, writing, reading, and praying :) Wish me luck during this time. The single mommie world weighs heavily on me during times when I have to devote immense attention to things. Does that ever happen to any moms out there?

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My goal during the next six weeks is to have daily workouts (short or long). Working out my body keeps my mind in action. I feel really good mentally when I have worked out and taken care of things physically. I started waking up early in the morning to get my workouts over with. I realize that if I wake up at 5:45 am to get my workout done...the house is freezing and it's dark. ugh. not fun at all. Maybe it's a motivation thing too??? Well, a benefit of being unemployed is that I can workout AS SOON as I drop Kennedy at school.

It's been working for wanna get up early? Start trying to get up earlier? I have some tips I found on the Internet I wanna share in my next post. I'll send it out later today


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