Sunday, October 2, 2011

When Kennedy is in the Hospital- The world STOPS! usual on the single mom front things don't always go as planned.

Kennedy's neurosurgeon is "concerned" with the frequency and intensity of her headaches and ordered a full day of sedation and brain scanning- :(

When Kennedy is being tested everything in my world falls. I am working on it but it is difficult. It is times like this when I wish I had family near...or a life partner. I sucked it up (no other choice) and geared up for the hospital.

Kennedy's spirit is one to be envied. She was singing a Broadway song as the anesthiologist explained the procedure to her.

I can't show the other photos :(

Needless to say my workouts have suffered, but tomorrow I will be back as good as new.

Do me a favor? Give an extra hug to the healthy people in your life. Please remember how health is NOT promised. It isn't a birthright, but rather a privilege. Someone asked me if I thought my daughter would live to be 18....I looked her right in the eye and said, "18?? Honey, she will outlive YOU."

I am off to dry my hair and get prepped for an IEP meeting in the early morning for Kennedy's school. After a 6 am workout! I am going back to getting up early. It is the only way to get everything done!

Lovingly added by Jayna'


Candice L Davis said...

As a formerly single mom who has always lived fairly far away from my extended family, I completely understand what you mean. I'm always impressed by how engaged you are with your little one. And yes, sometimes we have to sacrifice our own wants and needs for those that depend on us. Wishing you both well!

Althea said...

Hi Jayna: Sending you and Kennedy loving, healing energy. Both of my sons have autism as well. I completely understand.

{{HUGS}} Althea


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