Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cleanse Day 1 Recap

I am starving. OMG. I am thinking about all kinds of things. But I made it through. Thought I wouldnt around 5 pm, but I hung strung.

At 9:00am I had tons of water before downing a huge green smoothie (spinach-bananas- orange)

Later I had FOUR huge green smoothies. All spinach-banana-date-froz blueberry. Thus was soooo goodd. I love dates!!!

I did venture out to the store and snagged some chia seeds. Oh yea I added em to my afternoon smoothies.

Awwww I wanted to chew these apples. But not that fake orange. Things haven't gotten that badly yet!!

Sorry about the poor picture quality. No flash was on. Here are some Costco grapefruit that I picked up for a few days of juice. Grapefruit juice is my favorite juice.

Here is my pantry. Plenty bananas to ripen for this 7 day cleanse.

Best thing about it is that my cleanup is simple!!

Here is princess telling me that I can do it!

It is only 8 pm and I am exhausted. Have been for hours. I am showered and in pajamas. I am going to read the girlie novel I picked up at the library today.

Zero excercise today. No yoga. No journaling. I did meditate but my brain is so foggy, I may need a day or two to adjust. Let me tell you...I am seriously regretting that cheeseburger dinner.

Here is my tip: Time is passing whether you are doing things or not. May as well have time on your side and be doing things you KNOW can help you.

When I wanted to eat veggie chips I said to myself, " 10 mins after they are gone I will feel like shit."

I am ready to be back on the path I have been on for so many years without stress or brain surgery slowing me down. I am ready to be the me that I have alwayd envisioned being. Don't YOU want that???? The only oerson standing in your way is YOU. So join me for the next six days. You can do:

•juice/smoothies til dinner
•1 day cleanse
•go ovaries to the wall (hate the balls to the wall statement) and go 100% like me

Come on!!!!


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