Sunday, November 6, 2011

Major Shifts and Deep Thoughts

Lately, I have been going through quite a lot. I am having a difficult time balancing it all sometimes. I am also in the final weeks of applying to graduate school. I am simultaneously overwhelmed, exhausted, hopeful, and happy.

Taking care of Kennedy is always paramount; therefore, there hasn't been much time made for anything else in between applications (long and hard), studying for the GRE (so behind) and cooking/raising her.

It's freezing up here in PA and I am finding myself really wanting soup, tea, and apples. I have probably eaten 20 honey crisp apples in the past week.

My weight/exercise routine isnt' nearly where I want either to be and I am super eager to just get the applying process over with so that I can breathe again.

I have been feeling "stagnant" and feeling a real pull to do a cleanse. Seriously. On a spiritual and physical level. It is really time to "lighten the load". Speaking of which...I have eliminated several family members and friends from my life. This has been no easy feat. One friend I knew for 20 years and the other 14. It was painful, but so necessary.

I am creating space in my life for joy and abundant bliss. I can't remain (anymore) wrapped in patterns of behavior that do not benefit me. So, please send me some good vibes as I go through this trying time. I am so hopeful that plenty of joy will come from this :-)

I'm thinking of doing a 10 day "reboot" in a few weeks. Juices and green smoothies. I simply cannot afford to do all juice.  I would love some company along the way. This won't just be about the juice/smoothies, but also about daily meditation, bubble baths, and yoga. So, if you want a guided self-care plan to help you get geared up for the holidays, I'm your gyrl.

If you wanna get inspired, check this out....I've seen it 3 times :)

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Trailer 

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.


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