Thursday, November 10, 2011

Preoccupation to Motivation

Good morning! It's a dreary East Coast morning. I am a bit preoccupied with thoughts about my lovely VW Beetle :( I'll tell ya more at another time. It literally has me in tears. Moving on...

It's November mom's bday is tomorrow! 11-11-11 She will be 55. She is really embracing a healthier lifestyle. She proves that it is never too late to start.

I started this morning with hot lemon water. I only have one lemon tomorrow it may be hot cayenne pepper water!

Moved on about 1/2 hour later to green juice: romaine, apple

An hour later I had a quart of green smoothie: 3 froz bananas, TONS of spinach, 1 honeycrisp apple

Here is Halo napping at the foot of my bed this morning.

I sat at my computer. Yes this is my screen saver! I love this photo. Not because I look stunningly gorgeous, but because I took it in Hershey Medical Center when Kennedy got out of ICU. I hadn't had sleep in days or combed my hair, yet I found reason to smile.

I watched a great video that I love by Philip. A few years ago when I traveled to New York quite often Philip and I had a great conversation after listening to Kris Carr speak about the power of meditating, juicing, and kicking canCer's ass... He said a few things that still have a profound impact on me to this day.

Then I swung by Mimi Kirk's site Young on Raw Food and nabbed a cute recipe for Cheezy Cheese Sauce. I will post her recipe and her picture below. I am certainly going to make this as a salad dressing. I will use less olive oil (if any at all).

Here is a picture of Kennedy and one of her best friends going to see Disney's Dare to Dream on Ice. It was a magical and beautiful performance. I love to see that light in her eyes when she is feeling inspired. It reminds me to seek the same feeling.

Speaking of there something you are looking for? Do you hold an image of yourself, but don't know how to "cross over" to embody that image?

The answer is ACTION. Stop thinking about it...planning it...and just DO IT. Seriously, if you always wanted to be a yogi, but don't know how...turn on youtube (hello FREE) and do a five minute session. BAM you are a yogi! Want to dabble in raw foods, but don't know where to start? Eat an apple..BAM you are a raw fooder.

Sounds crazy, but I am dead serious. The only thing stopping you from being who you want to be is to stop thinking and start moving. Maybe you won't be a juice feaster or marathoner overnite, but you will damn sure be closer to one than you were yesterday~


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