Sunday, November 13, 2011

Test Prep and Cleanse Prep

The day is near. gasp. My GRE is on Tuesday. I have cold feet. I detest the fact that I must take this monstrous exam again..but am eager to get it over with.

News on the cleanse. I am going to do it from Wednesday November 16th to Wednesday November 23rd. I know that is only 7 days, but I would be lying if I didn't intend to eat "faux turkey" on T-giving day. Kay and I are going to a huge vegan Thanksgiving and I am in charge of GF dessert/menu items.

I do intend on doing another cleanse on Dec. 1-15th as well. I have been mentally preparing for the cleanse. I can't afford to do only juice, but will be doing juice and green smoothies for both. Wednesday morning I will list everything that I will be using for cleanse and my daily intake and exercise.

I plan on easing back into my workouts...very slow and steady. Yoga...some jump rope...light weights (lots of reps)...few exercises.

So here is my bed- covered in GRE materials! (I spared you and only showed you a glimpse) :-)

As usual...Halo is obliviously napping

Green smoothie and notes

Banana and dates...a mid-afternoon snack

GRE prep tests. OUCH. My score SUCKED today. You would swear that I wasn't studying at all.

What are you doing today to make for a better tomorrow? I'm studying for the GRE and going to drink some tea and journal before bed. What will you do?????

Websites to visit:

Zen Habits

Crazy Sexy Life

Vegan Action

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ab workout said...

yeah, doi'n hard your workout.

Smoni Smo said...

I've been looking for a way to jump start my nutrition again after slipping off of the vegan wagon. This fits perfectly into my holiday vacation plans so I think I'm going to do it along with you! I would love to see what you'll be using so that I have a guide.


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