Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanks for all who emailed to join me for the cleanse!!! I am putting together a small budget to do it now. I am thinking of doing it for 10 days in November and 15 in December.

Here are some pix of how my days have been going.

Juice: everything I find in the fridge! Romaine- collard greens- green apples-lemon


Tea. This my fav mug. It says,"Life is all about how you handle Plan B" :-) dont I know it!

Hot lemon water...early cold East Coast morning staple

My beautiful survivor. She is starting to speak to younger kids about how to be strong thru brain surgery. OMG I am so proud of her.

I have been so consumed with stress and my car breaking down that I am waaaay behind on schoolwork. That all changes today!

I am aiming to get in a quick at-home workout at some point today.

Be good to yourself today. Drink some water...plan to go to bed early...take a bubble bath :-)

I plan on doing ALL those.

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