Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Days Turn Into Busy Weeks. My Workouts Lately

Hi! :)

It has been so cold here and with my going back to work it feels like busy days turn into busy weeks and into busy months. I have to consciously make time for sitting my ass on the zabaton. Seriously. It is so strange that when I have more time, I make time for meditation, but when life is harried and I am busy, I don't make time....hmmmm something is SO wrong with this picture. 

So, with that in mind, I lit my incense (a 1000 times a day habit), lit a candle, rubbed lavender oil on my wrists and sat in silence for 20 glorious, uninterrupted minutes. I did this while ignoring the sink full of dishes, the laundry, and other chores. I remember reading in a time management book a long time ago that at the end of life do you need to be remembered as having the most spotless house ever. I definitely keep a really clean home, but I have my priorities in  order.

My Workouts: 

Okay the new gym is anti-cell phone/camera. Therefore, it has been difficult to snatch a few glimpses for you all. I will just use generic photos from the web. I can however take pix if no one is around. Interesting considering the gym is CONSTANTLY PACKED. OMGoddess.....I can barely get the use of an arc trainer.

So, this week has been busy. My days have been looking like this:

  • Up at 6:30 am- breakfast for me and Kay
  • Pack the lunch bags (me and Kay)
  • Take care of Halo :)
  • Make beds...minimal cleaning upstairs
  • Shower...get fancy for work
  • Drop Kay at school
  • Get straight to work
  • Work like a mad woman 
  • Get Kay from school
  • Home...Dinner for her. Preworkout snack for me
  • Head to gym about 5:15 (Prime Time I call it) :(
  • Kay plays in the gym daycare (she loves it)
  • Home by 7:00
  • Homework, Dessert for Kennedy, Dinner for me
Long days it feels like! But, I am soooooooo excited to be back in the gym and in the flow. I have some complaints. I can barely use equipment. It is so packed. I mean "Fire Marshall Code" packed. No room to jump rope. This is no bueno in my world. People are consistently NOT wiping off their machines.

There are things I love though :) :
  • 7  day a week childcare
  • Televisions on some cardio machines
  • Great variety of classes ( a goal in 2012) is to take more Group X classes
  • Small circuit room in the back. Crowded, but separate
  • Amazing sauna
My workout split has been:
  • MONDAY- UPPER BODY and Intervals
  • TUESDAY- LOWERBODY and light cardio
  • WEDNESDAY- CARDIO and sexy abs
  • THURSDAY- UPPER BODY and Intervals
  • FRIDAY- LOWER BODY and light cardio
  • SUNDAY-Yoga and Spinning
I throw in a Day of Rest (DOR) Whenever I feel like it also. I haven't been weighing myself, but my clothes are fitting better. For me as black woman, if my hip to waist ratio is about 10", I am satisfied. As of today, that is the case. I am not going for the tiny look.I am going for the healthy, fit, sexy look. So good. I have a bit left to go though. I am loving the process. It feels harder this time around though.

Question for ya: Are you working out yet? Eating right these days? Nothing is in the way. Don't wait for January 1st, 2012. We have three weeks left of 2011. Let's kill em!


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