Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sneak Peek At My New Gym

In these times I am finding it better to go to the gym so that I can focus. This gym is seriously lacking in space. No room for separate training. OMG. It leaves much to be desired on the floor, although it is shiny and great looking.

I often want to nap on this bench. Is this bad?

Ahhhhh many a meditation have happened in here.

I study how my ass looks in my tights before going onto the floor.

Pee Station

Kennedy loves the childcare, but she didn't want to go this weekend.

•Monday- Lower Body
•Tuesday- Upper Body and Spinning
•Wednesday- Cardio and Abs
•Thursday- same as Monday
•Friday- Upper Body and Intervals
•Saturday- Spinning
•Sunday- DOR

Lovingly added by Jayna'


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