Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Time to get deep. Yesterday I cried. I cried for missed opportunites. I cried for all the times I have been intentionally hurt by people. These tears were powerful. I have said before that "the issues are in the tissues" and now that I am back to training, and moving my body in all the ways I am accustomed to, I can feel myself spiritually being grounded.

But, Jayna' how can training be grounding? Trust me it is. This wasn't the case when I was 195 lbs, but as soon as I fell in love with sweating, I realized that I had found a life long love in fitness.

The body is a miraculous machine. If you have had a child you know this to be true. I delivered Kennedy without an epidural and I was acutely aware of the power of the female human body.

What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for to start living your best life ever?

Last year this time I was on bended knee crying for my daughter's life. I sat on the couch crying every nite while eating vegan treats unable to be motivated at now. Now a year later, I am sitting here inspired by fitness again...living with a renewed zealous appriach to caring for my body, loving being a woman, and appreciating my curves.

What's stopping you from being present in your life right now?
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