Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Define Your Why...

You've heard this mentioned time and time again...but it is so true. You MUST define your "why". Why do you want to get fit? Why do you want to eat better? Why? Why? Why?

Now, not only define it, but make sure it is the real deal. Want an example? Jayna', why do you work out and eat plants? I do it because my daughter has different abilities (disabilities as labelled by some) and without me she doesn't stand a shot at the kind of life I imagine for her.

This means that being fat, lethargic, out of shape, unable to play and assist her throughout her days is a fucking NO-GO. It is an absolute NO NO. I look forward to my Summers when I am the only parent in the neighborhood who is outside with the kids, riding my retro bike

 dancing with the fireflies at sunset and painting in my garage with all the kids from the neighborhood. We sit outside Indian style on an old blanket and eat tons of fruit while drinking cold water talking about life. Those moments are priceless. 

I know that my hippie ways don't appeal to the masses, and that's cool, but have your own why. You have to have it and own it...truly. So, every time you want to skip a PLANNED workout, you can check back in with yourself and get to it.

For example, today I did My Soulmate Workout TurboFire and for shits and giggle threw in someINSANE Abs. My stomach felt like a tiny baby was jabbing me with pins and needles...seriously. It was torture= I loved every minute of it. What's my point? oh yea....my dvd player was TRIPPING and wouldn't play the workout. So, I could have taken a much wanted nap quickly before getting to work...but instead I decided to try my TV and BAM- picked another workout DVD and went bananas.

Tonite I will be going to the gym to justify the enormous amount of money they take for the fee to take a boot camp class. I just ate dinner (large sweet potato, and GF oats/blueberries/cinnamon) and I need it to fully settle before going in to do burpees, pushups, etc....

NO EXCUSES. Just like this year's Biggest Loser motto: NO EXCUSES. BTW...have you seen the new trainer on the Biggest Loser Dolvett?  Really?? Seriously?  So, join him and the master trainer Bob Harper in saying NO EXCUSES.

Nothing is stopping you from doing 5 pushups right now.. (okay knee pushups)...5 squats....5 standing abs. Come on!

  You have to know your WHY and you have to want it badly enough.

I love you

Monday, January 30, 2012

Preperations and Dream Bells

Last nite I cooked my ass off. Shocker I know. You know how my Sundays can be. Not before I made a massive juice. If you own a juicer there is no reason for any produce or fruit to go bad! Like ever!

Purple cabbage. Apples. Swiss chard. Red beets. Lemons.

An orange to nibble on as I dance and sing.

Defrosting some lima beans to eat this week (wait I ate em today:)

Ruby- my BFF. My pressure cooker

My bloody beet fingers

Freddy Kruger beet fingers


Look at how gorgeous

Beautiful swiss chard

Washed and ready

Sliced and diced

Looks like I am taking my Twilight obession to a new level.

So beautiful. The thought that all this goodness was going to my cells was overwhelming.

Pretty pulp

How Bella is this? I felt just like her drinking this. The funny part was pulling the small jar out in the movie theatre. Lol.

Made two lasagnas

Made chicken nuggets sans chicken. Put milk and cornstarch in a bowl. Dipped pressed tofu chunks in...

Sliced all up

Dunk it in...

Add to ziploc with GF breadcrumbs and cajun spices

Cooking at 400. My house smelled great.

Total view

Took the ends of old GF bread

Crumbled em...

Broke em up...

Grabbed Peggy the Processor

Processed into breadcrumbs

Laid em out to get crispy

Today I went Costco fruit shopping...yea


I annilated this orange today :-)

Oh oh. My awesome mom got me a gift!!!!!!

My very own...Shiny...


I am a very happy girl today. I was very snacky. Don't know why TOM is o-v-e-r but hey I ate a bit more today.

It is hard to stop eating whem hungry with all that fruit around!!!

Monday's Grub

*huge green smoothie
*apple and almonds
*2 dates some almonds preworkout
*ridiculous green smoothie post workout
*4 oranges and 1 banana- yes 4
*1 c lima beans/ salad/1 large sweet potato

The only real measure for me is glancing back at my day's menu and seeing plants. Yup. I am feeling good about today.

I am feeling fruity and for the past two weeks I have not seen a ny weight loss but my ass is looking fabulous. So I am sure to stay focused on what is important :-) lol.

So, let's go!!! What can YOU do to make your week go more smoothly? Cook ahead? Prep your clothing at night? What????

Do it. Today!

I love you.

Lovingly added by Jayna'

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Throwing Up in My Mouth

Cheery title right? Okay, let's be honest... today I should be resting from exercise, but skipped Thursday when I felt like a bloated pig on a roast...so today was cardio. CRAZzzzzy ass "you are gonna die" cardio. Who was responsible?? Shaun T. Insanity Asylum. WTF??? I was seriously about to throw up in my mouth. I am NOT  barfer. Even when I was nauseous everyday of my first trimester pregnant with Kennedy I didn't throw up ONCE. It just rose in my throat and sat there...gag. That is much worse than just getting it out...but I digress.

Back to the point...I made a workout schedule for next week. I am going crazy cardio next week! It's interesting to read articles about how too much cardio makes you fat. Unless you are a contestant on the Biggest Loser and working out 6-8 hours per day without supervision (don't recommend this either way)...then cardio WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT. However, if you are already fat and out of shape and want to tone and look fit...cardio won't give you that either. Only only only only weights will do that. I've been saying this for years.

Anywho, this upcoming week (1/30/12-2/5/12) is going to be focused on adding extra cardio, but NOT taking away my crazy strength training. Any takers? lol

I've been trying (without success) to record some workouts. Bear with me as I work out the kinks in my little system. I am adamant about being up and going with my youtube channels very soon.

Alright onto it!

Saturday- Didn't take pix ( I know I know )

  • Green smoothie: 1 frozen banana, Almond milk, spinach....blend 
  • 1 apple, almonds
  • 2 dates, almonds (always preworkout snack)
  • Crazy Workout at the gym (only went to get out of the house--missed being at home, but the change was nice)
    • Got into gym...had to fight for a spot on the floor..ugh
    • Killed my workout
      • Inverted rows
      • Reverse lunges
      • Burpees with vertical swing
      • Hip thrust
      • One arm row
      • Tricep dips
      • Something I'm forgetting I'm sure
  • Post workout: 2 frozen bananas, tons of spinach, I cup Almond milkNitro Fusion protein, frozen blueberries, blend
  • 1 cup curry lentil soup with quinoa
  • 2 oranges
  • Ginger Tea-- buy it by the big box. This tea has changed my life...I drink it every single day! Period!

Simple Sunday- My favorite day of the week :-)

Tonite I have a ton of things to get done, but I'll be back tomorrow! Go drink some juice! Don't think it matters? Check out Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Trust me, you'll want to start juicing immediately!

Want to join me in the crazy cardio??? I'll be writing about it here, but posting all the crazy details over at Coach Jayna' :)

Be fit~ Be fierce~ CHOOSE to be sexy
I love you

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Productivity and Eats

Today was so productive! Well, it is TOM and I was dreaming of spicy warm Indian dishes. So whatdid I do?

I made my menu... went to the grocery store and biught tons of yummies. This week's menu will be kick ass.

Sorry that I am miasing a few picks of my eats. Didn't have my camera with me all day :-(

Lots of ginger tea. My favorite tea right now. Simple. This is organic by Traditional Medicinals. I will post a link to it tomorrow.

2 large green smoothies today.

Apple and almonds...a beautiful combination

Lentil soup. I made this three weeks go and had frozen it. Sprinkled with curry and salt. Yum.

Tonite I went to dinner with a friend. We discussed politics and ate a yummy Thai dinner. I took a photo but sisn't dowbload it yet. Lo siento - sorry.

I did not work out. TOM is a bitch! Tomorrow I will be back .

I am off to read and get inspired. What's inspiring YOU these days? Are you hanging out with people who motivate and inspire you?

Lovingly added by Jayna'

Thursday Eats and Workout- Contest Winners!

Here is my post from yesterday. Blogger had me feeling homicidal. I was up until 12:30 am...it wouldn't post...wouldn't save. Arg! :)

First Things First.... Winners!!!!!!

  1. Judy
  2. Caroline
  3. Karen
Thanks for all the beautiful, amazing women who sent in responses. You all rock and are totally bad ass. Do not give up on trying to be fit and lean --keep eating plants. It's totally the way! To the winners... YEA! I will contact you by email no later than tomorrow!

Have you ever had one of those days when you just felt like crawling in bed with a good book? Well TODAY was that day for me!! (hi Kay here!)

Kennedy just typed that! Lol my darling daughter made me breakfast while she let me sleep in til the late hour of 6:22 AM...you heard me right people...6:22 is considered late.
Somebody shoot me please!

photo 3.JPG
An orange. Gluten free cereal. And a glass of rice milk.

photo 1.JPG
Butternut squash chickpea soup. Yummmm

photo 2.JPG
Baked turned into this! Crispy outsides..."meaty" tender insides.

photo 4.JPG
Pressed...marinated tofu steak strips.

photo 5.JPG
I made a "Protein Bowl" : steamed broccoli, tofu, quinoa, nutritional yeast, herbs

photo 1.JPG
Portobella steaks, sweet potato, steamed broccoli
photo 2.JPG
"Juice bowl ingredients" apples, lemons, celery, carrots, chard= yum

photo 3.JPG
Juicer BOWL
photo 4.JPG
Costco organic carrots

photo 5.JPG


photo 2.JPG
KEEP the stems

photo 3.JPG
Raimbow coalition
photo 4.JPG
Pear Strawberry bowl

photo 5.JPG
Nitetime tea. That is my favorite tea pot. It came from Uganda :)

I normally start my day with a green smoothie or a juice. This was the first day in a long time that I didn't. But TODAY I DID! 

Workout from Thursday: My Soulmate Workout Turbo Fire !!! I was crampy and bloated and decided to do a "low impact" workout...and my knee has been killing me. I swear if I ever find the kid who threw this pine cone (click here) I am gonna beat his ass. I sure it hasn't helped that as an uninsured American, I've been rehabbing myself via youtube videos.

I'm off to do some training work for clients and enjoy this humungo bowl of oatmeal!

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky
Let's not miss any shots...come on get in the game and PLAY HARD.

I love you...


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