Friday, January 6, 2012

6 Days Down....299 to go. 2012 Rocks.

Let me get serious. This year is fucking amazing. No nothing MAJOR has happened, unless you consider this massive energetic shift I am feeling :) I am putting so much amazing energy into things right now. I have a clear, decisive vision for my year and for my life and for the first time in a while, I feel simply amazing. Truly.

My diet is simple these days. I have truly settled on a balance. I used to teeter between 100% raw thoughts and my cooked thoughts, but for ME...I love the balance I have created. It's about 75% raw. No I don't follow anymore prescribed concepts like raw til noon, etc...Sometimes I do, but not often. Which brings me to my first point. GEE LIGHT BULB MOMENT...get ready

No one knows the best way for your body to eat, but you!
Oh my goddess...breathe of fresh air! I feel so good saying that out loud again and again. I felt amazing when I was 100% raw...effortlessly slim, tons of energy...but my grocery bill was $1000-$1200 a month. I live on the East Coast in a tiny town without Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or the like and I was having to get tons of things online...with Winter 5-6 months a year...fresh fruit was crazy expensive. I have found that for ME....
eating according to seasons has made all the difference. I work out...I loveeeeeeeeee GF Oatmeal in the morning. I still juice. I still ADORE daily green smoothies (I do smoothies more than juice...shhhh) and ethnic cuisine of the vegan variety:)

I feel so amazing and balanced and calm and SANE. I don't "abuse" nuts anymore...or nut butters, but rather eat them effortless in moderation. All the "stress" weight I gained in those 18 months during and post Kay's brain surgery, I am losing with the help of my Soulmate Workout. And am just happy not to be thinking and concentrating on every morsel of food I am consuming! True I am back to journaling my food (I make better choices when I do) and trying not to eat after 7pm...8 at the latest. I am working on getting 8 MINIMUM hours of sleep a nite. I can accomplish this because I am not in grad school again yet, in the Fall that 8 hour thing will be super hard to do!

My point is (and I hope it is shining through in this post) that I am IN LOVE with myself and my life right now. And it isn't because I am back in my size 2 years (ummmm not quite yet), or because I lost the 30 pounds (you  heard me right) that I gained....(although I have lost 15!), but it's simply because I decided to be mega happy right now. I simply decided....this year is allllllllllll about being happy. I am not in a space to apologize for what I want and for being who I am or how I am or the size I am or whatever!

Please join me. Even if the first 6 days of 2012 SUCKED ASS and you want to get started...start today. Just today. Write a contract to yourself saying that you believe in you and want to invest in YOU and then start doing it! Let NOTHING get in the way of your vision for your life this year.

Off that soapbox....This morning I slept in until 7 am...glorious sleep. I worked out for an hour and hopped a quick shower. Got to work and realized I left my lunch at home! Ughhhhhhh I went to a small healthy deli and grabbed something amazing....and realized I lost my driver's licence! I will tear my house apart tonight looking for it.

Speaking of food...I made a beet smoothie today...gag me. It was disgusting. Next time, I will juice the beets and THEN add it to the smoothie. I rarely make things that I can't even FORCE down, but this was totally one. (Beets cooked, carrots, apple, celery, ice). Take my word for it... DO NOT TRY THIS!

Tonite you will find me and Kennedy cleaning up, and watching a cute girlie TV show from Australia and staying up way too late.

I am totally IN LOVE with today. <3


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