Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Define Your Why...

You've heard this mentioned time and time again...but it is so true. You MUST define your "why". Why do you want to get fit? Why do you want to eat better? Why? Why? Why?

Now, not only define it, but make sure it is the real deal. Want an example? Jayna', why do you work out and eat plants? I do it because my daughter has different abilities (disabilities as labelled by some) and without me she doesn't stand a shot at the kind of life I imagine for her.

This means that being fat, lethargic, out of shape, unable to play and assist her throughout her days is a fucking NO-GO. It is an absolute NO NO. I look forward to my Summers when I am the only parent in the neighborhood who is outside with the kids, riding my retro bike

 dancing with the fireflies at sunset and painting in my garage with all the kids from the neighborhood. We sit outside Indian style on an old blanket and eat tons of fruit while drinking cold water talking about life. Those moments are priceless. 

I know that my hippie ways don't appeal to the masses, and that's cool, but have your own why. You have to have it and own it...truly. So, every time you want to skip a PLANNED workout, you can check back in with yourself and get to it.

For example, today I did My Soulmate Workout TurboFire and for shits and giggle threw in someINSANE Abs. My stomach felt like a tiny baby was jabbing me with pins and needles...seriously. It was torture= I loved every minute of it. What's my point? oh yea....my dvd player was TRIPPING and wouldn't play the workout. So, I could have taken a much wanted nap quickly before getting to work...but instead I decided to try my TV and BAM- picked another workout DVD and went bananas.

Tonite I will be going to the gym to justify the enormous amount of money they take for the fee to take a boot camp class. I just ate dinner (large sweet potato, and GF oats/blueberries/cinnamon) and I need it to fully settle before going in to do burpees, pushups, etc....

NO EXCUSES. Just like this year's Biggest Loser motto: NO EXCUSES. BTW...have you seen the new trainer on the Biggest Loser Dolvett?  Really?? Seriously?  So, join him and the master trainer Bob Harper in saying NO EXCUSES.

Nothing is stopping you from doing 5 pushups right now.. (okay knee pushups)...5 squats....5 standing abs. Come on!

  You have to know your WHY and you have to want it badly enough.

I love you


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