Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Productivity and Eats

Today was so productive! Well, it is TOM and I was dreaming of spicy warm Indian dishes. So whatdid I do?

I made my menu... went to the grocery store and biught tons of yummies. This week's menu will be kick ass.

Sorry that I am miasing a few picks of my eats. Didn't have my camera with me all day :-(

Lots of ginger tea. My favorite tea right now. Simple. This is organic by Traditional Medicinals. I will post a link to it tomorrow.

2 large green smoothies today.

Apple and almonds...a beautiful combination

Lentil soup. I made this three weeks go and had frozen it. Sprinkled with curry and salt. Yum.

Tonite I went to dinner with a friend. We discussed politics and ate a yummy Thai dinner. I took a photo but sisn't dowbload it yet. Lo siento - sorry.

I did not work out. TOM is a bitch! Tomorrow I will be back .

I am off to read and get inspired. What's inspiring YOU these days? Are you hanging out with people who motivate and inspire you?

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