Monday, January 30, 2012

Preperations and Dream Bells

Last nite I cooked my ass off. Shocker I know. You know how my Sundays can be. Not before I made a massive juice. If you own a juicer there is no reason for any produce or fruit to go bad! Like ever!

Purple cabbage. Apples. Swiss chard. Red beets. Lemons.

An orange to nibble on as I dance and sing.

Defrosting some lima beans to eat this week (wait I ate em today:)

Ruby- my BFF. My pressure cooker

My bloody beet fingers

Freddy Kruger beet fingers


Look at how gorgeous

Beautiful swiss chard

Washed and ready

Sliced and diced

Looks like I am taking my Twilight obession to a new level.

So beautiful. The thought that all this goodness was going to my cells was overwhelming.

Pretty pulp

How Bella is this? I felt just like her drinking this. The funny part was pulling the small jar out in the movie theatre. Lol.

Made two lasagnas

Made chicken nuggets sans chicken. Put milk and cornstarch in a bowl. Dipped pressed tofu chunks in...

Sliced all up

Dunk it in...

Add to ziploc with GF breadcrumbs and cajun spices

Cooking at 400. My house smelled great.

Total view

Took the ends of old GF bread

Crumbled em...

Broke em up...

Grabbed Peggy the Processor

Processed into breadcrumbs

Laid em out to get crispy

Today I went Costco fruit shopping...yea


I annilated this orange today :-)

Oh oh. My awesome mom got me a gift!!!!!!

My very own...Shiny...


I am a very happy girl today. I was very snacky. Don't know why TOM is o-v-e-r but hey I ate a bit more today.

It is hard to stop eating whem hungry with all that fruit around!!!

Monday's Grub

*huge green smoothie
*apple and almonds
*2 dates some almonds preworkout
*ridiculous green smoothie post workout
*4 oranges and 1 banana- yes 4
*1 c lima beans/ salad/1 large sweet potato

The only real measure for me is glancing back at my day's menu and seeing plants. Yup. I am feeling good about today.

I am feeling fruity and for the past two weeks I have not seen a ny weight loss but my ass is looking fabulous. So I am sure to stay focused on what is important :-) lol.

So, let's go!!! What can YOU do to make your week go more smoothly? Cook ahead? Prep your clothing at night? What????

Do it. Today!

I love you.

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