Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sexy Slow Steady Sundays

Afternoon Peeps!!!

You know how I love <3 productive Sundays. However, there are days like today when Kennedy is with her dad and I stayed curled up in my comfy covers with a mug of teavana and my journal....ahhhh so delicious. These kinds of moments are priceless. For the most part we are all searching and always DOING something....rarely just BEING.

I am easing up on digestion smoothies and some juice later....lots of tea and water. I am turning my bedroom into a Bikram studio in about 5 minutes so I need to hurry so that I can leave and let the room turn into a sauna.

Later today when Kennedy gets home we are going to do the following to make this week a successful easy one:

  • Iron all clothes for the work/school week
  • Make a huge batch of quinoa
  • Prep my "oatmeal bowls".... 1/2c GF oats/pumpkin or blueberries/cinnamon/water
  • Make 2 meatloafs
  • Make a lasanga
  • Pressure cook some White beans
  • Put out the trash
  • Dance in our underwear...was this an overshare? :)

I certainly hope that you are finding ways to do things that make life easier for you. This year is all about simplifying and being at peace in life and love. Join me if you haven't already :)

Btw...I am losing blog readers left and right :( I wonder what's up?? Well, anyway for those that have stuck around. THANKS! 

Off to yoga it up! :)


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