Friday, February 10, 2012

Black History Month- Black Fitness

Alright... every month is Black History month over here, but I thought I'd throw some things out in honor of the American celebration of Black History.

Look at this adorable Disney video that is airing on the Disney Channel everyday this month. Kennedy LOVES this and so do I. Really watch it. It's short.

 Anything is Possible

Okay onto fitness!! This post is to shine light on African Americans in the raw movement and African Americans in fitness. Obviously my focus is on women (duh), and this isn't meant to be an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but it is set to shine light on the amazing things being done by a few! Feel free to google and email me with anyone else that you find. I'd love to check em out!

Be inspired....I certainly am....

Black Fitness Blog- Okay. I have a new fav destination. This blog is crazy awesome. When I get emails from people who ask me how they can get a "black girl's butt" (I am directly quoting), I give tons of advice and suggestions, but this blog has a great focus on the Black female body. I LOVE this blog. :) Read this article on how junk is in the trunk isn't a bad thing. I certainly like my junk in the trunk lol

Black Girls Run- This site is so cool! As much as I fucking despise running, I know the benefits of it. This site makes me want to run again. Or at least have a brief affair with running. They even talk about juicing and have some vegan recipes!

Beautiful Athlete- A cute blog about a girl's journey from fat to fit. I love her honesty and her realistic look on things. And her hair rocks!

Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss- all I can say. This girl's transformation is outstanding. Such a healthy, REALISTIC vision for her body and life. And of course I have to mention that she rocks because she has a vegan recipe section-I scout out the low fat recipes or look for ways to lower the fat on others.

Determined to Be Fit- Her blog is about running...her life as a mother, wife, and running athlete. I am seeing a theme in fit Black women...hmmm running, shall we date again? :)

Madame: The Journey- This is one of the cutest sites ever! She keeps you up to date on all the celebrity weight loss stuff too. And if you are like me and willing to admit you are interested in it you will love her scoops on celebs and weight loss plans. Also, she chronicles her story. A super inspiring one here!

Run Wifey Run- Love how her kids are runners too. Crazy cool mom who is a running fanatic. Geez with the running already people. lol

The Life Lessons of Rachel Wilkerson- Without a doubt, this blog is JAM PACKED with information and inspiration. From playlist to links to her fav recipes. I loved visiting this site and poking around. Lots to get back to. I love her post on being biracial. While I am not half White and half Black, I do have American Indian heritage and have had people tell me that I am not "all the way Black"...oh my

Thin Thighs and Sweet Potato Fries- Blog by and about a flexitarian diet. Some readers may vibe with her. So I wanted to share!

It is easy to get wrapped in this raw world and forget that BALANCE is the name of the game. You can be 100% raw or 10% raw, be 100% balanced and in alignment. Trust me...that will serve you far better than stressing over every morsel of food you ever eat (so long as it's vegan and cruelty free of course :)

So, over this month, I'll add more blogs I like or have found, but you have enough to get your started and keep you inspired. Now go GET FIT!


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