Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love and Loss

Today is a somber day. I have cried until my heart hurt. I was prepared to do a long post all about TONS of stuff, but I have to go now and make donuts for Kennedy's class Valentine's day party.

A friend of my family--- a friend of mine-- died at age 32. Diabetes. She was so funny, so beautiful and a mother of 2 very young girls. She had an amazing husband and was an all aroubd awesone human being.

I am sodeeply saddened by this and promise to be back tomorrow with the love post that I intended for today.

Just know thi: LOVE yourself. Be so grateful that you have the CHOICE to be healthy.

Here are sone recent random food pix. I am going to post the cooked/ raw post TOMORROW promise. I certainly hope that it helps some people ...

Cold tea nites

Patty the Pressure cooker.

Huge green smoothies

In Winter citrus is my best friend

Look how gorgeous

Kay outside "meeting squirrels"

Look at this snow.

My neighborhood

A driving snowy pic. Soup tonite!

Soup and salad= classic

Fruity lunch= 4 bananas 4 oranges


Kay this morning with some of her gifts!

I love you...Please love yourself


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