Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pix of Eats and Sunday Cooking

Heyyy Pineapple Poptarts!

I have had a long weekend. Kennedy was off school on Friday and began getting sick. I have opted out of workouts this weekend as I am feeling the beginning of an "itch" in my throat. Ugh. A good nite of sleep
and I will be ready to go.

I have gotten so many emails about eating fruit and eating cooked food. So much so that I will be writing an entire post on it tomorrow. I am sorry if some will find it redundant, but others are struggling. I do not pretend to be an expert on anything, but I have been successfully vegan and into raw for what feels like ever.

Crazy big green ice cream smoothies- using frozen bananas

Big fruit lunches (4 oranges kiwi strawberries blueberries)

Lonely green smoothie in my locker at the boring gym

Ready to go out on the floor!

Soaking strawberries

Soaking blueberries


And this is ALL the trash it created!

Creamy green smoothie (spinach, blueberries, pineapples)

Fresh pineapple. Only $2.99 rite now! Way more than buying frozen

Juiced all these bad boys today. I have been drinking grapefruit juice every morning with tangerine or orange juice

Marinating mushrooms in hickory smoke and tamari

Fry in marinade

Other mushrooms soaking for marinara

Made lasanga burgers for the week. One day I need to do proper recipes but this is:
-1 c GF oats
-1.5 c black beans
-1.25 c daiya cheese
-oregano, basil, garlic powder
-3/4 c marinara sauce
-mix, shape, bake 375 for 35 minutes


So delicious

Chopped pressure cooked apples

In processor...

Applesauce dessert add cinnamon

Meatballs sans meat (brown rice, black beans, garbanzo bean bean flour, all kinds of seasoning)

Add to fire roasted marinara

Take other soaked mushrooms

And minced garlic


Satee' covered

Add marinara

Then add brocolli

Added defrosted frozen spinach ---always add extra veggies to dishes.

Put ot over quinoa and it was so goodddddd

While cooking I grew hungry

Enter : ice banana strawberry- classic

Now I am off to hang with Kennedy and will be getting in bed eay with a book or a movie. Relax time before this big week ahead.

I hope that you are using some of your free time- whether weekend or otherwise- to do things that help your days run more smoothly so that you can focus on what matters: EATING PLANTS!!!!

I love you...


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