Thursday, February 9, 2012

This thing Called Life- Healthfood Junkies Series

Kennedy has been sick :( And as you know,...when she is ill, my world HALTS to care for her. Show her love and affection and heal her little body. So, I missed 3 days of my workout. Gag...But Tuesday I got back on it and have been blazing through ever since.

Actually, I'll note that on Monday I was so overwhelmed and stressed that I stress ate for the first time in live ever. Of course it wasn't junk food or anything crazy, but I had 3 servings of dinner. I wasn't hungry either. I had to go and grab my journal, get Kay settled and take a "time out" to see what emotions were coming up for me that I was trying to stuff down. What I figured out was that this lingering, "Kay gets sick and you must STOP EVERYTHING in order to care for her, so what's the real point" idea was at the root of it. Lightbulb!! Hello...OMG... So the very next day (full belly and all), I got my ass up and in gear and grabbed my My Soulmate Workout TurboFire and did it low impact. My stomach was a mess. UGH... I had eaten too late as well. All of that is a can of spilled beans.

Today for example, I rocked it out at the gym. They may be sick of seeing me. I am NOT fan of going in there, but if they won't let me cancel the membership, I am going at least twice a week. I do my at home workout in there and then hit the sauna and I'm out! I'll make the best of it until my contract expires. I can see the benefits of a membership, I truly can...and I do love the gym, but I'm a single mom and I hate taking time away from Kennedy. UGH..hate it. Sometimes she asks to

Okay, here are just some random pics of food I've been eating and below is a fun video series called Healthfood Junkies. Be sure to watch Parts 1, 2 AND 3. I actually really liked it. People say that "these people" give the raw movement a bad name...but whatever. People will take bad away from anything these days. I say be true to whatever philosophy YOU believe and don't worry about what someone else thinks is right. Oh yea, I haven't forgotten the cooked/raw post. I'll get to it promise. I have TONS to say about it. :)

Healthfood Junkies Series

Healthfood Junkies Series Part 1

Healthfood Junkies Series Part 2

Healthfood Junkies Series Part 3


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