Thursday, February 2, 2012

When Your Quads Feel like They Will Pop Off

Yesterday I was so tired that by the time I got into bed I felt my muscles melting into the sheets.... Ahhh.

I loved using my new Kettlebell. I kinda hit myself in the head with it on the way down from a vertical yea. WTF? It was ridiculous actually! I am now used to the huge circumference of this one.

At one point, I thought my quads were gonna pop off and flap together like fruit roll ups. OMGoddesss...

Look at how crazy I go with green smoothies!!!

Loading it all up to consume...

Turned into ice-creamy-smoothie-deliciousness

Yup...the perfect consistency

Crazy huge homemade fruit MASSIVE.

THEN I took it to the gym after getting my princess from school. After spinning, I was feeling like a psycho strong, so I decided to hit the stairs really quickly. As most know, I believe it is the ONLY cardio machine worth touching at the gym.

Wanted to stop at 13:56...goal was 15:00

At 14:17 my quads were screaming in pain...begging me to get off

Ahhhh Made it to 15:00! 1001 steps...sawwwweeeet. I snuck this pic of the empty side of the gym. All the girls left the machines and ran to zumba. Lol

Today I woke up sorta slow to start, but got my mojo in! This morning I had a date with my Soulmate TurboFire and tonite I'll be hitting the gym (sans Kennedy) for spinning. I certainly hope this instructor doesn't play the slow classic rock like one of the others. I seriously almost got off of my bike and walked out in the middle of class. Come on people! One day I'll be a spinning instructor...ahhhh. Maybe one day soon? shhhh :)

What have you done today to make it a fit healthy one? Drinking lots of water? If you think you are, go drink more. Did you get enough sleep? If not, plan to get more tonite. This is a year of NO EXCUSES. So Define your WHY and let's get going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you

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