Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Did and Didn't Get In...

Okay my ENTIRE post was deleted- ugh- so here goes..again.

I did not get into my number one choice for school. As much as it devestated me, I found a eay to bounce back shinier than ever!!!

Let me backtrack---I felt sorry for myself for a second, ate some vegan snacks, stayed up WAYYY too late for weeks on end, and did not get nearly enuff rest. Then I pulled myself up by my birkenstock straps. And got to business. I went to a really moving presentation at my alma mateur and THERE I was tranformed. I was moved to change fields and programs and to take yet ANOTHER year off and reapply for different programs. Ahhhh it feels so good!

So, thanks for all the warm wishes, but it is time for a reboot! I got my butt in gear, dropped the chip bag and got off the couch. With Spring buzzing, I am geared up to get a move on and get hella fit for Summer. Any takers????

I am aiming to do all juice and green smoothies this Friday thru Sunday. Someone PLEASE join me!!! I will probably put chia seeds in my smoothies but other than that, no major chewing (though I love to chew my smoothies anyway).

Here are a TON of photos from life over the past few weeks...
Whoa it feels good to be back!

Kay and her soccer buddy

New Orleans red beans ready for the crockpot

A Gluten Free party

Wait! I almost forgot the coupon

My mom sent this! Couldn't remember if I showed yall already. You know I love my meatloaf sans meat.

My tofu press

Kennedy getting ready for 2nd grade Spring pix

The flowers I bought her for the talent show

Teecino all the time. I have been thinking about fair trade organoc REAL coffee. Hmmm maybe I will try it again.

Lessening my carbon foot print. Using a toaster oven and no longer a real oven. Gonna clean the big oven and use it to store bananas. ;-)

Teecino and strawberry flax oats. A morning staple when it is cool.

Ipad and mushroom/asaragus/tamari

Always plenty of fruit around

GF brocolli pizza. A fav for Kay

Crust recipe from this book



Pensive. Btw I lost that top!

Missing kale

Plus a tahini cayenne dressing

Equals yum. I NEVER tire of this. Ever.

Juice time. Never juiced sweet potatoes? Try it ASAP

Miss B

Loving fresh OJ right now. Blend with bananas and BAM!

Okay time to gear up and finish working and go get Kennedy from school. I will see you tomorrow with a much anticipated post. It is FINALLY done. "The Cooked Raw Vegan" I can't wait to share.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Flux...

I am still here and alive. I am however struggling right now. I am facing the reality of a few things with Kennedy and WAITING on my acceptance letters from grad school that better come soon or I will have a heart attack. Really one school in particular.

Long story short, it has been consuming me. I can't sleep at all. I should hear no later than next week and I am wigging out. My daughter is working hard to help me stay focused on fun and with the weather warming up today I plan to head outdoors with her and Halo to enjoy some Vitamin D.

My workouts have faltered tremndously, but I am sneaking in a few things when I can. When I can sleep longer than 4 hours I will have the energy to workout again.

So, I have been reading lots of books and watching some amazing Independent Films. I will catch you up on them when my letters come and life makes sense again.

I have so many "posts in waiting" about cooked/raw....Kennedy's first trip to NYC and what I have been up to.

I love this photo of her! Wish me good luck on my acceptances please.

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