Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Flux...

I am still here and alive. I am however struggling right now. I am facing the reality of a few things with Kennedy and WAITING on my acceptance letters from grad school that better come soon or I will have a heart attack. Really one school in particular.

Long story short, it has been consuming me. I can't sleep at all. I should hear no later than next week and I am wigging out. My daughter is working hard to help me stay focused on fun and with the weather warming up today I plan to head outdoors with her and Halo to enjoy some Vitamin D.

My workouts have faltered tremndously, but I am sneaking in a few things when I can. When I can sleep longer than 4 hours I will have the energy to workout again.

So, I have been reading lots of books and watching some amazing Independent Films. I will catch you up on them when my letters come and life makes sense again.

I have so many "posts in waiting" about cooked/raw....Kennedy's first trip to NYC and what I have been up to.

I love this photo of her! Wish me good luck on my acceptances please.

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