Thursday, April 5, 2012

Losing my iphone changed my life...

Okay...I'm focused and on track. Sorry for not posting for a while,but I lost about 7 posts in my iphone that I accidentally washed in the washing machine during my rampant "Spring cleaning" phase a few weekends ago. :( I seriously cried like a baby. Anyone remember when someone stole my last iphone? WTF is it with me and the iphones? ughhhhhhhhh. But I have learned this: DO NOT LET YOUR LIFE BE RULED MY ELECTRONIC DEVICES! I lost about 200 pix and videos and tons of other irreplaceable things (and no I hadn't downloaded it in a month and no I didn't have icloud). :( :( :(

Okay moving on...I have been ON POINT with my workouts and my plant-based diet. Yes I follow the 80/20% rule most times and have my GF/vegan snacks. But, I've been so inspired these past few weeks, I will have to make myself redo my raw/cooked post. I am so angry that I lost all that info..exhale...let it go.

Kennedy has been going outside to play most everyday. This gives me time to sit on the porch and read a book and take deep breaths. It has been hella cold on the East Coast, but we are finally warming up. This means OUTDOORS. I am late with my garden this year. Remember my gardening adventure last year? I will be a bit behind this stuff, time constraints, and lots of other stuff.

I am working on getting a new phone. Probably next week this time. I think I should not get another iphone and go with something else. Last year someone stole my iphone. It was tragic...perhaps iphones and I aren't as compatible as I thought. Lol.

For 7 days I am doing juices and green smoothies. I didn't even really design it that way, it sort of started to be what I craved. As usual, I have chia seeds in my smoothies. Here is a sample day (sorry no pix)

  1. Upon rising: 16-24 oz of water with lemon (sometimes without) pinch of cayenne either way
  2. 24 oz juice (any kind). Today it was grapefruit and 1 pear (preworkout)
  3. Post workout: 5 bananas, 1/2 pound spinach (yes 1/2 lb), fresh strawberries, 2 dates, 1 c almond milk, chia seeds
  4. Snack time: maybe fruit or a juice
  5. Dinner: Same as lunch, but about 5-7 bananas
  • Counting calories right now (though some days I log it to make sure I'm eating enough cals)
  • Stressing out about it
  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting enough rest
  • Keeping my stress levels low
  • Laughing everyday (the real gut wrenching laughter)
  • Exercising daily (My SoulMate Workout TurboFire never disappoints)
  • Reading to sleep and minimizing my use of technology

I hope this inspires someone who wants to make a change this Spring to do a short reboot. Wanna get inspired to do a reboot??? GO HERE. Joe Cross is one of my favorite people right now. I love to see people "paying it forward" in this movement towards greater health and longevity of living. I adore him. If you haven't seen his documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, you are missing out. Trust me....wait to be inspired. Then go to and pick up my all-time fav guru goddess Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies to get your mojo flowing and get yourself ready for the world!

You still have time to get healthy, sexy, and fit for Summer (which starts in June!). Let's go!!!


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