Friday, April 27, 2012

My Daughter Growing with Autism (Her Youtube Video Link)

Of course it's Autism Awareness month and I have to make a post about our lives inside the world of Autism. You can get cool Autism Awareness stuff here!  

Let me say that for the past two weeks...totally slacking on my workouts...I was so sick and then I began accomplishing tons of stuff and one day turned into two worries, I'm jumping back into my flow.

It is still freezing damn cold here on the East Coast...but I'm craving fruit and crunch salads. I'll be making lots of salads and dressings from scratch when the farmer's market opens in a few weeks (please goddess let it warm up by then!)

Here a couple of posts where I talked a bit about Autism:  Autism in 2008 and Autism in 2011.

Kennedy continues to defy the odds, but her daily life can easily be a struggle. She is working so hard on her social interactions with her peers. Kids are so exposed these days and it can be hard for Kennedy to keep up, but boy oh boy does she try. She works with a Speech/Language specialists once a week to "act out", "read stories", and "map out" ways of dealing with social situations that come so easily to other kiddos.

As I am watching her finally settle into her personality, I am reminded of how far she has come and how much she works to be here in this world and present with us. 

She now has her own blog and youtube channel!!! OMG. I am so proud of her. I was super hesitant about putting it up here, but she wants the world to see her and leave her comments. So if you would please check her out and leave a sweet note, it would mean the world to her! She has dreams of going to Hollywood and singing in front of people ("even homeless people mom, I can sing for them in Hollywood") lol

Kay's Blog

Kay's Youtube Channel

My job as her mom is to support her and help to facilitate her growth. I could not be more excited about the bond that she and I share.
I hope that everyone learns about Autism...our kiddos need compassion and understanding.

I'm off to volunteer at the library (book drive) and then hang my clothes to dry! See ya soon :)


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