Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ready for my Routine

I am in New Orleans and while it's so great to be home I am truly a creature of habit. My sinuses starting acting up and I feel terrible.

My friend had a gorgeous wedding but cameras were not allowed so I can't show you my dazzling dress. There are so many photos of me I just have to get a hold of a few and I will post em later.

My little brother got married and his wedding reception was at the same time. Try being in two places at one time with a terrible sinus doesn't work. Wtf? These people and their meat in New Orleans! Lol.  I have been struggling to find fruit and vegetables. It means I'm severelu undercarbed and a bit hungry.

I did workouts the first two days in town but slacked off as I got sicker everyday. I really hope to be back on track in a day or two but only after I can breathe again!

Today I'm drinking tea...drinking water...eating light..and flying across the country. Chat soon!


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