Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moms in Town: Working Out

What a day! My mom is in town!!! We are going to be partying and that includes lots of cooking and eating out. My Southern blood runs deep :-)

She made it in town late last nite and I found myself eating at 11 pm! GASP. I got onto of it today and have already had my dessert for tonite. See? Early!

Today we went swimming (no hair in the water) and ran on the stairs for 22 minutes. Remember my approach is "Consistent. Daily. No matter how short".

Ate out tonite at Mikado. 2 avocado rolls and some sauteed veggies. I also ate an entire bowl of steamed edamame. Dessert was GF vegan snickerdoodles.

This week my birthday is coming up and I am so excited to be completing another trip around the sun. Yea :)

Grandma is my only real babysitter, so when she is in town I can get all my stuff done and hang out. With this being my bday week it works out beautifully.

This week I am preparing food to have to keep my diet clean and tidy in between my eating out!

I made:

*lima beans
*brown rice

My workout plan for the week includes hanging in the pool, 3 full body workouts, 2 conditioning workouts and 3 additional cardio workouts! I am geared up to go!

Don't let Summer get away from you. Start making headway on your goals and plans. Just DO IT!

<3 Jayna'

Friday, June 22, 2012

Food and Fitness Friday #1

The weather is calming down here, but I am not! This stomachache that has been plaguing me has finally subsided...phew that was rough. It meant that all real plyos were out of the question or barf woulda been all over my bedroom/gym/sanctuary.

I woke up today FIRED UP. Cleaned up actually I'm still cleaning this damn house, and headed for my bedroom/gym/sanctuary for a quick 40 minute full body workout. Here's the truth: if you are new to strength training, do THREE FULL BODY lifts per week. Don't start following IFBB Pro's workout schedule who do 5 day splits. You can...but if you want the most bang for your three full body days and BAM you are on track. Okay, enough of that.

It's no secret that since Kennedy's Chiari diagnosis my life hasn't felt the same. The few pounds I put on, I just couldn't seem to lose...seriously. Then something miraculous happened! No, I didn't buy any of the weight loss pills, powders, or portions...I stopped TRYING to lose the weight and I started focusing on being healthy and getting STRONG. WTF?!?! This is amazing.

Calorie counting? NO
Writing down my meals? YES-about 95% of the time:)
Obsessing? HELL NO
Loving life? HELL YES

It was simple! Go back to doing all the things I did before and that was when food and fitness were a part of every single one of my days. OMGoddess a genius thought. Therefore, I haven't been bummed if Kay's Autism won't let us go to the gym (too much sometimes)...I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING my bedroom/gym/sanctuary workouts.

Today's 40 Minute Full Body Sweat Your Ass Off Workout

  • KB Swing #12 kg x 3
  • Contralateral curtsy lunge Left 12kg x3x10
  • Contralateral curtsy lunge Right
  • Push up (dynamic one set..ouch) BW x 3x 10
  • 1 Arm Row left #20s, then #25s 2x12 1x 5
  • 1 Arm Row right #20s, then #25s
  • Goblet Squat to press #12 kg 3x 12
  • Ended with two sets of Deadlifts...only had #30 on the BB
  • Hip Thrust off bench #25 DB

Off to take the kids swimming and then to go to see the new feminist Disney Movie BRAVE!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick 10 Min TOM Bedroom Workout

Morning! It's hot as hell in PA today. I ate some GF ice cream at midnite and my belly hurt today. Well TOM didn't help either. So, I cooled it on my cardio and conditioning and did my strength training. Only took 10 minutes plus 3 for a warm up and 2 cool down.

Home gym aka bedroom floor

Decide. Decide. Decide.


*bicep curl 15#
*chest press 15# and 1 set 20#
*pec flyes 15# and 1 set 20#
*hammer curls 15#
*kb swings 20 with 12kg

Short and sweet. If you do not want to stay where you are --just make small changes and decide that you will never let a day go by when you aren't doing something for your body.

<3 Jayna'

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Sometimes I think about what I am putting out on the blog and I just want my readers to know a bit more about who I am...what I like...things I'm into etc. Meaning... I want to share more of my personal life and story on the blog. What better way to start than to share with you a few of the things I'm loving right now!

1. Vibrams- These shoes make it hard for me to wear tennis shoes like ever... They took some getting used to..but I love love love em.

2. Amazing Grass-  I know that I'm a hippie and all, but THAT isn't the grass I'm talking about!

3. EZ curl barMakes working out at home feel like a gym. AND you will find me doing lateral lunges with this baby + squats + chest press...the list goes on

Regular Solid E-Z Curl Bar
4. My kettlebell- In desperate need of another one...or three...oy I wish I had discretionary income right now

5. Pressure Cooker- This was a gift from my mom. I love it and have never stopped making beans since.

6. Pandora- If you've ever used it... I need not say more. Everyday... all the time.

7. Single leg deadlifts- My hamstrings and butt LOVE these. Hence the need for another (or 3) kettlebells. But for now... dumbbells suffice.

8. Coconut oil/butter- For my "spa days"... hair conditioner, skin massage oil, lip gloss, to sautee' name it..coconut oil does it

9. Bubble baths (my mediation center for right now). Yes ...bubble baths are my solace. I load up the tub with hot water, organic bubble bath, a few drops of lavender (in jojoba oil) and melt back for reflection and prayer.

10. Flaxseeds- I just love how flaxseeds serve as an intestinal broom. Yes of course I love the omega 3 fatty acids as skin, hair, nails have that glow!

Well, that's my list of ten things I'm loving right now! What are you loving?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just DO it!

I know we have all heard the Nike slogan a zillion times, but do you really stop and pay attention to it?

Whether it's eating raw, vegan, plant-based, or your you just strap up and do it? (Ok that sounds dirty, but you get the point!) 

Sometimes, I dread training when I have tons of stuff to get done around the house or for Kay...I just feel overwhelmed. And the thought of taking 45-60 minutes to train feels like a luxury I can't afford. What I have learned is that I can just take 20 mins and that's better than nothing! JUST FUCKING DO IT! I always feel better after it's done.period. end of sentence. no bullshitting.

If I want to grab some GF sugary cereal instead of make some steamy GF oats with flaxseeds and blueberries, I tell myself to make the oats and have the cereal after if I am craving it still. And yesterday that is exactly what I did...but instead of a huge bowl of it, I ate about 1/2 a cup of cereal. TOM. I am no longer depriving myself of anything (obviously within the vegan realm) and I don't stress out over food either.

So what's my point?
  • Don't sit around waiting for the PERFECT moment to train. Just get up and do it!
    • That means in your bedroom (like I do) set up "stations" and do 30 seconds of pushups, 30seconds of JJ, 30 seconds of swings, etc for a total of 15 mins. BAM a killer workout. 
  • Take the time to plan a few good meals. Hate to cook? cool. Take one day and make a hella lotta quinoa/brown rice/ beans...grab some lettuce, some GF brown rice wraps and tons of veggies. You now have all the making of a stir fry, burrito, grain bowl, etc. Eat fruit in between and SKIP breakfast...more on that in another post :)
  • Stop making excuses! Don't wait another day for "Monday", or the "perfect gym outfit", or "someone else to come and help you". Just decide TODAY that you will stop reading the a 3 minute warm up, drop and do some pushups (try military style please ladies), do some lunges, do some squats, cool down and have a huge as green smoothie...because TODAY IS YOUR TOMORROW. 

Gotta run. Gonna watch a Disney movie with the kiddos...head to the indoor pool fucking raining again and then come home and train quickly in my dimly lit bedroom _yea_ lol

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Summer Life and Today's At Home Leg Lift

Okay...long time..yes yes... I shouldn't have let this shake me, but I got a terrible message a few months ago and I stopped posting because of it. GASP.

Here is just my reentry back into the cyber world. Below are random pix from the beginning of Summer 2012.

I've been back at the gym a bit, but Kay is NOT enjoying going anymore. The headaches are a killer for her and I am in no hurry for another surgery, so what that means is not being able to do things that I really want to do and having to "improvise" my life. Some days I am super sad about this fact...but this is the life of a neurodiverse kiddo's mom.

My training is now split at home and I'm going heavy heavy heavy on the weights. Well, as heavy as I can with my limited weights at home :( I realized how happy I was with some of the weight I gained after Kay's surgery. I had gotten too slim in my opinion and have since worked on my "hour glass" Southern frame. 

What does that mean? Eating clean plant-based vegan goodness 80% of the time. Training my legs HARD...and keeping my core tight. But there will be tons of posts about that upcoming.

This morning I wanted to get my LIFT out of the way so that I could take the kids swimming at the indoor pool because it's fucking cold and raining here.

Workout: LEGS...Hamstring Focus
  • Warmup: JR 5 mins...50 light KB swings
  • Deep BB squats 50#
  • Lunges 20#
  • Calf Raises DB 25#
  • Sumo Squats 25# (I need a pair of 30#s)
  • Hamstring ball roll outs BW
  • Lateral step ups 15#s
I was a sweaty mess and loved it. Will tweak out some SS cardio on the bike in my room for about 20 mins before bed. Oh I forgot to mention I worked out barefoot. The more I do that, the more tennis shoes feel torture devices.

NOTE ABOUT FITNESS: No matter what shape you are in...simple BIG MUSCLE GROUP MOVES, as well as, cleaning up your diet can get you where you want to be. My focus is on FIT, FUNCTIONAL, STRONG living...not a thin, waify, emaciated view of femininity. I believe in being the best for YOUR body and YOUR body type. I am 5'0" fit, sexy, mother...and I want to look like one :)

 Doing some studying at the library
 Kay loves football
 My oh my I am gorgeous

 Last day of school activites

 Semaj and Kay finally together again

 Last day of school

Yep. HONOR ROLL for the entire year!


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