Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Sometimes I think about what I am putting out on the blog and I just want my readers to know a bit more about who I am...what I like...things I'm into etc. Meaning... I want to share more of my personal life and story on the blog. What better way to start than to share with you a few of the things I'm loving right now!

1. Vibrams- These shoes make it hard for me to wear tennis shoes like ever... They took some getting used to..but I love love love em.

2. Amazing Grass-  I know that I'm a hippie and all, but THAT isn't the grass I'm talking about!

3. EZ curl barMakes working out at home feel like a gym. AND you will find me doing lateral lunges with this baby + squats + chest press...the list goes on

Regular Solid E-Z Curl Bar
4. My kettlebell- In desperate need of another one...or three...oy I wish I had discretionary income right now

5. Pressure Cooker- This was a gift from my mom. I love it and have never stopped making beans since.

6. Pandora- If you've ever used it... I need not say more. Everyday... all the time.

7. Single leg deadlifts- My hamstrings and butt LOVE these. Hence the need for another (or 3) kettlebells. But for now... dumbbells suffice.

8. Coconut oil/butter- For my "spa days"... hair conditioner, skin massage oil, lip gloss, to sautee' name it..coconut oil does it

9. Bubble baths (my mediation center for right now). Yes ...bubble baths are my solace. I load up the tub with hot water, organic bubble bath, a few drops of lavender (in jojoba oil) and melt back for reflection and prayer.

10. Flaxseeds- I just love how flaxseeds serve as an intestinal broom. Yes of course I love the omega 3 fatty acids as skin, hair, nails have that glow!

Well, that's my list of ten things I'm loving right now! What are you loving?


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