Friday, June 22, 2012

Food and Fitness Friday #1

The weather is calming down here, but I am not! This stomachache that has been plaguing me has finally subsided...phew that was rough. It meant that all real plyos were out of the question or barf woulda been all over my bedroom/gym/sanctuary.

I woke up today FIRED UP. Cleaned up actually I'm still cleaning this damn house, and headed for my bedroom/gym/sanctuary for a quick 40 minute full body workout. Here's the truth: if you are new to strength training, do THREE FULL BODY lifts per week. Don't start following IFBB Pro's workout schedule who do 5 day splits. You can...but if you want the most bang for your three full body days and BAM you are on track. Okay, enough of that.

It's no secret that since Kennedy's Chiari diagnosis my life hasn't felt the same. The few pounds I put on, I just couldn't seem to lose...seriously. Then something miraculous happened! No, I didn't buy any of the weight loss pills, powders, or portions...I stopped TRYING to lose the weight and I started focusing on being healthy and getting STRONG. WTF?!?! This is amazing.

Calorie counting? NO
Writing down my meals? YES-about 95% of the time:)
Obsessing? HELL NO
Loving life? HELL YES

It was simple! Go back to doing all the things I did before and that was when food and fitness were a part of every single one of my days. OMGoddess a genius thought. Therefore, I haven't been bummed if Kay's Autism won't let us go to the gym (too much sometimes)...I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING my bedroom/gym/sanctuary workouts.

Today's 40 Minute Full Body Sweat Your Ass Off Workout

  • KB Swing #12 kg x 3
  • Contralateral curtsy lunge Left 12kg x3x10
  • Contralateral curtsy lunge Right
  • Push up (dynamic one set..ouch) BW x 3x 10
  • 1 Arm Row left #20s, then #25s 2x12 1x 5
  • 1 Arm Row right #20s, then #25s
  • Goblet Squat to press #12 kg 3x 12
  • Ended with two sets of Deadlifts...only had #30 on the BB
  • Hip Thrust off bench #25 DB

Off to take the kids swimming and then to go to see the new feminist Disney Movie BRAVE!!!



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