Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just DO it!

I know we have all heard the Nike slogan a zillion times, but do you really stop and pay attention to it?

Whether it's eating raw, vegan, plant-based, or your training...do you just strap up and do it? (Ok that sounds dirty, but you get the point!) 

Sometimes, I dread training when I have tons of stuff to get done around the house or for Kay...I just feel overwhelmed. And the thought of taking 45-60 minutes to train feels like a luxury I can't afford. What I have learned is that I can just take 20 mins and that's better than nothing! JUST FUCKING DO IT! I always feel better after it's done.period. end of sentence. no bullshitting.

If I want to grab some GF sugary cereal instead of make some steamy GF oats with flaxseeds and blueberries, I tell myself to make the oats and have the cereal after if I am craving it still. And yesterday that is exactly what I did...but instead of a huge bowl of it, I ate about 1/2 a cup of cereal. TOM. I am no longer depriving myself of anything (obviously within the vegan realm) and I don't stress out over food either.

So what's my point?
  • Don't sit around waiting for the PERFECT moment to train. Just get up and do it!
    • That means in your bedroom (like I do) set up "stations" and do 30 seconds of pushups, 30seconds of JJ, 30 seconds of swings, etc for a total of 15 mins. BAM a killer workout. 
  • Take the time to plan a few good meals. Hate to cook? cool. Take one day and make a hella lotta quinoa/brown rice/ beans...grab some lettuce, some GF brown rice wraps and tons of veggies. You now have all the making of a stir fry, burrito, grain bowl, etc. Eat fruit in between and SKIP breakfast...more on that in another post :)
  • Stop making excuses! Don't wait another day for "Monday", or the "perfect gym outfit", or "someone else to come and help you". Just decide TODAY that you will stop reading the internet...do a 3 minute warm up, drop and do some pushups (try military style please ladies), do some lunges, do some squats, cool down and have a huge as green smoothie...because TODAY IS YOUR TOMORROW. 

Gotta run. Gonna watch a Disney movie with the kiddos...head to the indoor pool fucking raining again and then come home and train quickly in my dimly lit bedroom _yea_ lol


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