Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moms in Town: Working Out

What a day! My mom is in town!!! We are going to be partying and that includes lots of cooking and eating out. My Southern blood runs deep :-)

She made it in town late last nite and I found myself eating at 11 pm! GASP. I got onto of it today and have already had my dessert for tonite. See? Early!

Today we went swimming (no hair in the water) and ran on the stairs for 22 minutes. Remember my approach is "Consistent. Daily. No matter how short".

Ate out tonite at Mikado. 2 avocado rolls and some sauteed veggies. I also ate an entire bowl of steamed edamame. Dessert was GF vegan snickerdoodles.

This week my birthday is coming up and I am so excited to be completing another trip around the sun. Yea :)

Grandma is my only real babysitter, so when she is in town I can get all my stuff done and hang out. With this being my bday week it works out beautifully.

This week I am preparing food to have to keep my diet clean and tidy in between my eating out!

I made:

*lima beans
*brown rice

My workout plan for the week includes hanging in the pool, 3 full body workouts, 2 conditioning workouts and 3 additional cardio workouts! I am geared up to go!

Don't let Summer get away from you. Start making headway on your goals and plans. Just DO IT!

<3 Jayna'


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