Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Summer Life and Today's At Home Leg Lift

Okay...long time..yes yes... I shouldn't have let this shake me, but I got a terrible message a few months ago and I stopped posting because of it. GASP.

Here is just my reentry back into the cyber world. Below are random pix from the beginning of Summer 2012.

I've been back at the gym a bit, but Kay is NOT enjoying going anymore. The headaches are a killer for her and I am in no hurry for another surgery, so what that means is not being able to do things that I really want to do and having to "improvise" my life. Some days I am super sad about this fact...but this is the life of a neurodiverse kiddo's mom.

My training is now split at home and I'm going heavy heavy heavy on the weights. Well, as heavy as I can with my limited weights at home :( I realized how happy I was with some of the weight I gained after Kay's surgery. I had gotten too slim in my opinion and have since worked on my "hour glass" Southern frame. 

What does that mean? Eating clean plant-based vegan goodness 80% of the time. Training my legs HARD...and keeping my core tight. But there will be tons of posts about that upcoming.

This morning I wanted to get my LIFT out of the way so that I could take the kids swimming at the indoor pool because it's fucking cold and raining here.

Workout: LEGS...Hamstring Focus
  • Warmup: JR 5 mins...50 light KB swings
  • Deep BB squats 50#
  • Lunges 20#
  • Calf Raises DB 25#
  • Sumo Squats 25# (I need a pair of 30#s)
  • Hamstring ball roll outs BW
  • Lateral step ups 15#s
I was a sweaty mess and loved it. Will tweak out some SS cardio on the bike in my room for about 20 mins before bed. Oh I forgot to mention I worked out barefoot. The more I do that, the more tennis shoes feel torture devices.

NOTE ABOUT FITNESS: No matter what shape you are in...simple BIG MUSCLE GROUP MOVES, as well as, cleaning up your diet can get you where you want to be. My focus is on FIT, FUNCTIONAL, STRONG living...not a thin, waify, emaciated view of femininity. I believe in being the best for YOUR body and YOUR body type. I am 5'0" fit, sexy, mother...and I want to look like one :)

 Doing some studying at the library
 Kay loves football
 My oh my I am gorgeous

 Last day of school activites

 Semaj and Kay finally together again

 Last day of school

Yep. HONOR ROLL for the entire year!


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