Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick 10 Min TOM Bedroom Workout

Morning! It's hot as hell in PA today. I ate some GF ice cream at midnite and my belly hurt today. Well TOM didn't help either. So, I cooled it on my cardio and conditioning and did my strength training. Only took 10 minutes plus 3 for a warm up and 2 cool down.

Home gym aka bedroom floor

Decide. Decide. Decide.


*bicep curl 15#
*chest press 15# and 1 set 20#
*pec flyes 15# and 1 set 20#
*hammer curls 15#
*kb swings 20 with 12kg

Short and sweet. If you do not want to stay where you are --just make small changes and decide that you will never let a day go by when you aren't doing something for your body.

<3 Jayna'


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