Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Started and Being Honest

I have written about my story and how I came to be overweight an unhealthy and a fierce fitness fanatic. But, I haven't talked a great deal about my mental process then and now. Let me just say that becoming right over 200 lbs is not just about having a problem with doughnuts. This was a self-esteem and self-worth issue. Lots of people ignore that very important fact. That or they dont want to admit they have those issues.

Truth be told I had a low view of my self-worth and I started to bury myself under food. It added a layer of protection that I had never known. I was always a very pretty and fit gyrl. Always had boyfriends and gentlemen suitors and the more I ate the more guys ignored me...and I LIKED IT.

I found out that my family and supposed friends were talking behind my back about how "huge" I had gotten. All I did was avoid going home on school break and buried myself under my academic course-load and snacks. I was not vegan nor health conscious and the internet was fairly recent in my life and AOL dialup is all there was. No blogs. No google searches. I just ate in oblivion. And I enjoyed it.

Fast forward to my fining vegetarianism then veganism and my life started to make sense. I had to still combat the evil low self-worth voice that told me to bury my feelings under food---ANY food--vegan or not. That is the battle I assume I will always fight.

Here is the best advice I have heard as far as changing your bad habits and making good ones. Don't forget what you have heard about habit formation taking 21-30 days but that is too far off for most people.

Start by doing the ONE thing that you know will have the most positive effect on your life if you start doing it. And at the same time STOP doing the thing you know has the worst effect on your well-being.

I am sure you can think of one thing to start and One thing to stop doing. Let me know what changes you have made!

<3 Jayna'

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cooked/ Raw Food Prep Sundays

It is no secret that I believe in food prep. In taking time to make grocery lists, schedule time to prep and prepare meals. Maybe this is no problem for people who can grab fresh, vegan or raw foods at any turn, but I cannot.

Raw or cooked...I believe the answer lies in fresh, organic, and in these months LOCAL produce. So Sundays and Wednesdays are my designated cooking and prep days. Why? Because Sunday sets me up for the week and Wednesday is when my CSA is delivered in my neighborhood for pick up.

Well, during any season I am a fan of fresh vegetable soup. So, today I set out to use the zillion zucchini and tons of other veggies and made two HUGE batches of soup. It is good to save your scraps and make your own veggie broth.

Today I made:

*red beans and onions and green peppers
*meatloaf (oats, black bean, daiya cheese base
*2 huge pots of soup
*container of quinoa
*huge pot of black beans to use for quesadillas and things all week
*juiced extra zucchini and lemon and cukes for juice- will make more tomorrow
*cleaned up some red leaf and green leaf lettuce for salads on Monday and Tuesday

Now I am feeling so great about the start or my week. Clothes ironed, kitchen cleaned, laundry done.

I have a 6:30 am alarm for my at home kettlebell training. See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cooking, Cleaning Sunday and 6 Minute Workout

My beautiful girl's bday was this past Saturday (14th). She is 8 years old!!! :) I will do a separate post about that later, BUT we have been partying and eating since Friday! OMG... today's the first day I'm trying to be "on track". I've had about 10 vegan GF organic cupcakes! Neapolitan vegan ice cream... fried tofu, cheese meatloaf, etc...even some IZZE sodas! GASP...but it was so much fun and so worth it. With all the sugar coursing through my veins you woulda though I'd have extra energy to workout, but sent me crashing down and even right now my stomach aches.

So, today I could only spare 6 minutes for my workout...better than nothing rite? Remember, I am all about consistency. My true goal is EVERYDAY TRAINING...don't think heavy lifts or gym sessions, just EVERY DAY intentionally moving my body in a way that lends to my progress of being fit and strong...whatever that means for that day.

Today that meant 1 kettlebell and a cup of water and it went like this:

Swing/Squat Ladder

  1. Warm up 1 minute (30sec arm rolls, 30 sec hip thrusts BW)
  2. 10 2H swings/ 10 deep squats
  3. 10 2H swings/9 deep squats
  4. 10 2H swings/ 8 deep squats
  5. You get it rite??? down to one squat. DONE
  6. Cool down 1 minute

Okay that looks pansy, but with my bellyache and tiredness I had a sweat going by the time I got to 10 swings, 5 squats. NO Kettlebell? NO PROBLEM.. Do 10 Jumping jacks/ 10 squats with 1 weight (sumo squat style). If I felt better/stronger I would have done 3 or 4 rounds. Maybe before bed I'll throw another round in there.

Today Kennedy and I are getting ready for the week. That means cooking, straigtening up, dancing, and planning. I am so fugging Type A. I like to cook meals on Sunday and Wednesday with lots of meal making in between, but MY major meals get made on Sunday and Wednesday if I can help it!

Off to get things done. I'll be in bed with this book tonite: Just The Way You AreIt's free on Kindle right now! No Kindle? NO problem! You can download the Kindle app for your smart fone and read it there!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fitting Cooking In

Busy days of Summer. Quick post about how I am using all of this zucchini and yellow squash!

CSA veggies!

So fresh...

Red beans, onion, zuchinni "soup". I am SO New Orleans thru and thru. So red beans are cooking in this house a minimum of once a week. These are so creamy and delicious.

Slices into rounds and baked

Bake some more. I add em to other beans or put on top of quinoa..


I added two pureed yellow squash to my meatloaf recipe and it was great. I enjoyed this meal last night with fresh cucumber/ tomato juice.

It only took me a few minutes and I have a plethora of local, organic veggies to enjoy for days.


I am preparing for my princess' birthday this weekend so I need as much organized and prepared as possible!

Skipped two days of training this week but am back in action at home. I will post today's 14 minute sweatfest later!

<3 Jayna'

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eating and Training- Updates and Crazy Kettlebell Swinging Lady

I want to steer this blog back to eating and training. There are so many things that I do and want to include here, but time is getting away from me. So, how about I try to post shorter posts...more often?

There are several things that I've been doing that have helped and I really want to share them with you all and  I truly believe they will help you too.


  1. Not eating late 80% of the time. I'm aiming to make this 100% by the end of the Summer. I stop eating at 7 or 8 pm
  2. My focus for food is on plants. You are a raw fooder if you eat 51% of your food raw...well to hell with that...and all percentages and crazy making calorie counting...I think if your MIND is focused on health and raw food you are a raw fooder! With that said (for those who love numbers) I am about 60-70% raw everyday.
  3. Plants. Plants. Plants. Raw. Dehydrated. Baked. Cooked anyway but fried and I'll eat it.
  4. Vegetables. Greens. Salads. Steamed kale. Steamed brocolli. Veg it up people
  5. Water. Iced tea (made by me) no sweetner. Water. Water. Oh yea....water. Carry a water bottle. Put a frozen one in your car before you start your errands. No plastic please. See the documentary 
  6. Write my food down (no calorie counting) so that if I have a successful training week I can see the foods that attributed to it.

  1. Kettlebells- Why haven't I mentioned much here about my kettlebells before? I don't know, but expect that to change.
  2. If I can get to the gym one day a week, I add a HEAVY lifting day. Heavy for ME. Not anyone else. This is the goal...along with 2 sessions on the stairmaster 
  3. My focus is on strength and NOT taking too much time to workout. Sounds crazy, but I realized that my life is simply too busy to spend hours at the gym or commuting, unpacking for the locker, training, reverse, etc. UGH. It's so bad that when I go for my 'stairs date', I don't even get a locker. I just bring an extra tank top to throw on when I'm getting Kay from childcare and walking out of the door.
  4. Working smarter not harder. You've heard me say before that cardio machines= death to me. Aside from the stairs all other machines make me want to die. yes I've done them a zillion times and maybe will get on the elliptical again in my life, but as for now...ugh ugh ugh. Push your body harder for a few minutes, rather than going at a steady pace for 45mins for the same results.
  5. Tabatas!! 10 secs rest/20 secs MAX effort. Lately it's been swings/jump rope 10/20. 8 rounds=4 minutes. :)
Well, that's it for where I am now. Today's workout was simple, but a beast!

30/30 ...10 swings ATT (at the top) of every 30 seconds for 25 ROUNDS. That was 500 SWINGS... oh shit..I will feel it tomorrow :)

So, start today to eat and train SMART. Do what works for YOU and your life and forget what the magazines (even fitness ones)...even ME are telling you. What exercise feels fun for you? Do THAT one. Who cares who got what results from what program! Any questions? Leave em below or email me anytime :)

Take Care of Yourself- Being a Martyr Won't Help You

This Summer has been busier than ever. I am serious. I can barely find time to breathe, but it brings up an important issue that I get asked about a lot...sacrifice. Because I have sacrificed so much for Kennedy, people who don't really know me assume that I have given up every single thing. Yes I have sacrificed my career and education...and lots of "in between things", but I learned very early on that sacrificing SELF-CARE couldn't be on that list.

Here's a story... I live here in PA and my entire family is in New Orleans. I am divorced and let's just say that he and I aren't there are plenty of times when I am 100% completely alone in caring for Kay. With that said...envision me in a hospital room with her after a procedure. Emotionally I am taxed, physically I am drained after not having slept for about 3-4 days and I am in desperate need of a shower and a green smoothie. I forwent showering in the private bathroom, or going down to the cafeteria to get myself something warm to eat because I wanted to stay by her side every second...answer every cry...kiss every tear. Now this is a TRUE story. And while it's endearing and conjures up thoughts of a selfless mother who would do anything for her was just ridiculous. Purely insane.

It took several of those hospital stays before I realized that no fairy godmother was going to swoop down in the room and bathe me in a flash or drop off hot vegan gluten free food in my lap. IT WAS UP TO ME TO CARE FOR HER AND MYSELF. Ding ding!! I realized that it didn't make me a bad mother if I locked her hospital door and jumped in the shower for 3 mintues while she was knocked out on morphine. OR had my favorite nurse sit with her for 8 minutes so that I could haul ass as fast as I could run to the cafeteria and grab almond milk, a veggie burger no bun, a GF bar and some fruit. It actually made me a BETTER mother... and in BETTER spirits to care for her.

My training schedule and eating habits are paramount. NOTHING can stand in the way of them. The beauty is that I have revamped my entire approach to eating and fitness. While I do love gyms, my passion is training at home. I still wear my matchy matchy cute outfits and headbands, but I have a focus like no other here at home. Unafraid to try things that in the gym make me look like an escaped psych patient. Or there isn't any room in the gym for burpees or whatever.

I have some tips and I will make them a separate post from this one IMMEDIATELY following this one so I apologize for those who will get it as two emails. Speaking of...I get emails from people who unsubscribe because I don't' post often enough and those who unsubscribe because I post too often. lol

So, before I send that post...if you are someone who is living in the spirit of sacrificing everything for your family, friends, job...JUST STOP! At the end of your life nothing will be more important than what you have done for yourself or the steps you've taken to make your dreams come true.

My training sessions are deposits in my body...skipping them are withdrawals. Eating crap= withdrawal. Eating plants=deposits. Get it? So, get off your high self-sacrificing horse and make time for you. It's no one else's job to do so. 


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