Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cooked/ Raw Food Prep Sundays

It is no secret that I believe in food prep. In taking time to make grocery lists, schedule time to prep and prepare meals. Maybe this is no problem for people who can grab fresh, vegan or raw foods at any turn, but I cannot.

Raw or cooked...I believe the answer lies in fresh, organic, and in these months LOCAL produce. So Sundays and Wednesdays are my designated cooking and prep days. Why? Because Sunday sets me up for the week and Wednesday is when my CSA is delivered in my neighborhood for pick up.

Well, during any season I am a fan of fresh vegetable soup. So, today I set out to use the zillion zucchini and tons of other veggies and made two HUGE batches of soup. It is good to save your scraps and make your own veggie broth.

Today I made:

*red beans and onions and green peppers
*meatloaf (oats, black bean, daiya cheese base
*2 huge pots of soup
*container of quinoa
*huge pot of black beans to use for quesadillas and things all week
*juiced extra zucchini and lemon and cukes for juice- will make more tomorrow
*cleaned up some red leaf and green leaf lettuce for salads on Monday and Tuesday

Now I am feeling so great about the start or my week. Clothes ironed, kitchen cleaned, laundry done.

I have a 6:30 am alarm for my at home kettlebell training. See ya tomorrow!


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