Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cooking, Cleaning Sunday and 6 Minute Workout

My beautiful girl's bday was this past Saturday (14th). She is 8 years old!!! :) I will do a separate post about that later, BUT we have been partying and eating since Friday! OMG... today's the first day I'm trying to be "on track". I've had about 10 vegan GF organic cupcakes! Neapolitan vegan ice cream... fried tofu, cheese meatloaf, etc...even some IZZE sodas! GASP...but it was so much fun and so worth it. With all the sugar coursing through my veins you woulda though I'd have extra energy to workout, but sent me crashing down and even right now my stomach aches.

So, today I could only spare 6 minutes for my workout...better than nothing rite? Remember, I am all about consistency. My true goal is EVERYDAY TRAINING...don't think heavy lifts or gym sessions, just EVERY DAY intentionally moving my body in a way that lends to my progress of being fit and strong...whatever that means for that day.

Today that meant 1 kettlebell and a cup of water and it went like this:

Swing/Squat Ladder

  1. Warm up 1 minute (30sec arm rolls, 30 sec hip thrusts BW)
  2. 10 2H swings/ 10 deep squats
  3. 10 2H swings/9 deep squats
  4. 10 2H swings/ 8 deep squats
  5. You get it rite??? down to one squat. DONE
  6. Cool down 1 minute

Okay that looks pansy, but with my bellyache and tiredness I had a sweat going by the time I got to 10 swings, 5 squats. NO Kettlebell? NO PROBLEM.. Do 10 Jumping jacks/ 10 squats with 1 weight (sumo squat style). If I felt better/stronger I would have done 3 or 4 rounds. Maybe before bed I'll throw another round in there.

Today Kennedy and I are getting ready for the week. That means cooking, straigtening up, dancing, and planning. I am so fugging Type A. I like to cook meals on Sunday and Wednesday with lots of meal making in between, but MY major meals get made on Sunday and Wednesday if I can help it!

Off to get things done. I'll be in bed with this book tonite: Just The Way You AreIt's free on Kindle right now! No Kindle? NO problem! You can download the Kindle app for your smart fone and read it there!!!!!!!


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