Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eating and Training- Updates and Crazy Kettlebell Swinging Lady

I want to steer this blog back to eating and training. There are so many things that I do and want to include here, but time is getting away from me. So, how about I try to post shorter posts...more often?

There are several things that I've been doing that have helped and I really want to share them with you all and  I truly believe they will help you too.


  1. Not eating late 80% of the time. I'm aiming to make this 100% by the end of the Summer. I stop eating at 7 or 8 pm
  2. My focus for food is on plants. You are a raw fooder if you eat 51% of your food raw...well to hell with that...and all percentages and crazy making calorie counting...I think if your MIND is focused on health and raw food you are a raw fooder! With that said (for those who love numbers) I am about 60-70% raw everyday.
  3. Plants. Plants. Plants. Raw. Dehydrated. Baked. Cooked anyway but fried and I'll eat it.
  4. Vegetables. Greens. Salads. Steamed kale. Steamed brocolli. Veg it up people
  5. Water. Iced tea (made by me) no sweetner. Water. Water. Oh yea....water. Carry a water bottle. Put a frozen one in your car before you start your errands. No plastic please. See the documentary 
  6. Write my food down (no calorie counting) so that if I have a successful training week I can see the foods that attributed to it.

  1. Kettlebells- Why haven't I mentioned much here about my kettlebells before? I don't know, but expect that to change.
  2. If I can get to the gym one day a week, I add a HEAVY lifting day. Heavy for ME. Not anyone else. This is the goal...along with 2 sessions on the stairmaster 
  3. My focus is on strength and NOT taking too much time to workout. Sounds crazy, but I realized that my life is simply too busy to spend hours at the gym or commuting, unpacking for the locker, training, reverse, etc. UGH. It's so bad that when I go for my 'stairs date', I don't even get a locker. I just bring an extra tank top to throw on when I'm getting Kay from childcare and walking out of the door.
  4. Working smarter not harder. You've heard me say before that cardio machines= death to me. Aside from the stairs all other machines make me want to die. yes I've done them a zillion times and maybe will get on the elliptical again in my life, but as for now...ugh ugh ugh. Push your body harder for a few minutes, rather than going at a steady pace for 45mins for the same results.
  5. Tabatas!! 10 secs rest/20 secs MAX effort. Lately it's been swings/jump rope 10/20. 8 rounds=4 minutes. :)
Well, that's it for where I am now. Today's workout was simple, but a beast!

30/30 ...10 swings ATT (at the top) of every 30 seconds for 25 ROUNDS. That was 500 SWINGS... oh shit..I will feel it tomorrow :)

So, start today to eat and train SMART. Do what works for YOU and your life and forget what the magazines (even fitness ones)...even ME are telling you. What exercise feels fun for you? Do THAT one. Who cares who got what results from what program! Any questions? Leave em below or email me anytime :)


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