Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fitting Cooking In

Busy days of Summer. Quick post about how I am using all of this zucchini and yellow squash!

CSA veggies!

So fresh...

Red beans, onion, zuchinni "soup". I am SO New Orleans thru and thru. So red beans are cooking in this house a minimum of once a week. These are so creamy and delicious.

Slices into rounds and baked

Bake some more. I add em to other beans or put on top of quinoa..


I added two pureed yellow squash to my meatloaf recipe and it was great. I enjoyed this meal last night with fresh cucumber/ tomato juice.

It only took me a few minutes and I have a plethora of local, organic veggies to enjoy for days.


I am preparing for my princess' birthday this weekend so I need as much organized and prepared as possible!

Skipped two days of training this week but am back in action at home. I will post today's 14 minute sweatfest later!

<3 Jayna'


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