Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Started and Being Honest

I have written about my story and how I came to be overweight an unhealthy and a fierce fitness fanatic. But, I haven't talked a great deal about my mental process then and now. Let me just say that becoming right over 200 lbs is not just about having a problem with doughnuts. This was a self-esteem and self-worth issue. Lots of people ignore that very important fact. That or they dont want to admit they have those issues.

Truth be told I had a low view of my self-worth and I started to bury myself under food. It added a layer of protection that I had never known. I was always a very pretty and fit gyrl. Always had boyfriends and gentlemen suitors and the more I ate the more guys ignored me...and I LIKED IT.

I found out that my family and supposed friends were talking behind my back about how "huge" I had gotten. All I did was avoid going home on school break and buried myself under my academic course-load and snacks. I was not vegan nor health conscious and the internet was fairly recent in my life and AOL dialup is all there was. No blogs. No google searches. I just ate in oblivion. And I enjoyed it.

Fast forward to my fining vegetarianism then veganism and my life started to make sense. I had to still combat the evil low self-worth voice that told me to bury my feelings under food---ANY food--vegan or not. That is the battle I assume I will always fight.

Here is the best advice I have heard as far as changing your bad habits and making good ones. Don't forget what you have heard about habit formation taking 21-30 days but that is too far off for most people.

Start by doing the ONE thing that you know will have the most positive effect on your life if you start doing it. And at the same time STOP doing the thing you know has the worst effect on your well-being.

I am sure you can think of one thing to start and One thing to stop doing. Let me know what changes you have made!

<3 Jayna'


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