Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take Care of Yourself- Being a Martyr Won't Help You

This Summer has been busier than ever. I am serious. I can barely find time to breathe, but it brings up an important issue that I get asked about a lot...sacrifice. Because I have sacrificed so much for Kennedy, people who don't really know me assume that I have given up every single thing. Yes I have sacrificed my career and education...and lots of "in between things", but I learned very early on that sacrificing SELF-CARE couldn't be on that list.

Here's a story... I live here in PA and my entire family is in New Orleans. I am divorced and let's just say that he and I aren't there are plenty of times when I am 100% completely alone in caring for Kay. With that said...envision me in a hospital room with her after a procedure. Emotionally I am taxed, physically I am drained after not having slept for about 3-4 days and I am in desperate need of a shower and a green smoothie. I forwent showering in the private bathroom, or going down to the cafeteria to get myself something warm to eat because I wanted to stay by her side every second...answer every cry...kiss every tear. Now this is a TRUE story. And while it's endearing and conjures up thoughts of a selfless mother who would do anything for her was just ridiculous. Purely insane.

It took several of those hospital stays before I realized that no fairy godmother was going to swoop down in the room and bathe me in a flash or drop off hot vegan gluten free food in my lap. IT WAS UP TO ME TO CARE FOR HER AND MYSELF. Ding ding!! I realized that it didn't make me a bad mother if I locked her hospital door and jumped in the shower for 3 mintues while she was knocked out on morphine. OR had my favorite nurse sit with her for 8 minutes so that I could haul ass as fast as I could run to the cafeteria and grab almond milk, a veggie burger no bun, a GF bar and some fruit. It actually made me a BETTER mother... and in BETTER spirits to care for her.

My training schedule and eating habits are paramount. NOTHING can stand in the way of them. The beauty is that I have revamped my entire approach to eating and fitness. While I do love gyms, my passion is training at home. I still wear my matchy matchy cute outfits and headbands, but I have a focus like no other here at home. Unafraid to try things that in the gym make me look like an escaped psych patient. Or there isn't any room in the gym for burpees or whatever.

I have some tips and I will make them a separate post from this one IMMEDIATELY following this one so I apologize for those who will get it as two emails. Speaking of...I get emails from people who unsubscribe because I don't' post often enough and those who unsubscribe because I post too often. lol

So, before I send that post...if you are someone who is living in the spirit of sacrificing everything for your family, friends, job...JUST STOP! At the end of your life nothing will be more important than what you have done for yourself or the steps you've taken to make your dreams come true.

My training sessions are deposits in my body...skipping them are withdrawals. Eating crap= withdrawal. Eating plants=deposits. Get it? So, get off your high self-sacrificing horse and make time for you. It's no one else's job to do so. 


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