Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Days of Cleansing/Detoxing/Lightening the Load

Okay stress has taken over. OMGoddess...I started to feel all overwhelmed lately. I mean really fucking overwhelmed. As a stress workouts started slipping and my self-care routine went bye bye and the snacks started.

Now, I have mentioned before that I am not a big self-punisher when it comes to food. Any food. I am a gluten free vegan 100% and anything shy of that I don't beat myself up. Well, in times of stress I need to reign it all in. I may try to do ONE great thing per day like: make sure I had a shit ton of water...or I took my vitamins or had a green smoothie or juice, but not ALL the things that keep my (as Kris Carr would say) God Pod moving along like I know I should.

Why is it that in times of severe stress or whatever do I let the very things that hold me together slip? Ugh that is something I've been working on for a while.

Anyway, I have been purging things in my life: people, situations, material things. Guys that I kinda maybe sorta thought I may like- gone. Situations where I wasn't feel my best or most empowered- gone. My storage was full of bins- color coded, cute bins that would make any Type A person look and say "she is so organized". But I knew the truth. There were papers in there that I'd had since 2004 when Kennedy was born. Books that I was holding onto (although I have two 5 shelf HUMUNGO bookshelves in my room) etc. So when Kay went with her dad I took 12 hours listened to Alanis Morrisette (the early years) and got to work! I cleaned the ENTIRE STORAGE.

Since I have taken everything ou of my kitchen and 100% re arranged it. Done the same with my closet with the exception of a shelf or two. I'm feeling this strange draw to reduce reduce reduce my life and lifestyle. It is actually annoying me to look around and see so much stuff. So, I've been feeling lighter in my heart, but not my body. Hence the 5 day cleanse!
From today until August 20th I will be consuming smoothies, juices, salads period. I pick up my CSA box today and will let you know what's in it. Undoubtedly I will  need to make a trip to the store tomorrow, but I am keeping it simple. I will also just do some KB swings today to get myself back into my workout groove.

Anyone else overwhelmed? Not doing what you need to to take care of yourself? How about starting TODAY with one thing to get you back on track? That's what I have done and I feel better already. :)


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