Saturday, August 18, 2012

Letting Go of What We Don't Need

I don't have a great deal of time so this post is short and sweet and an update on my detox. I've always seen detox as "taking in less toxins today than you did yesterday". In that sense I am on track...but my juice/smoothie/salad plan went down the drain.  Here's why....

I am financially strapped right now. Like seriously. And it's time to start school for Kay in a week PLUS I just bought a new 2012 vehicle and I had to put some money down because believe it or not my VW beetle wasn't a great trade-in ...go figure. Well, it was 14 years old and full of daisies and bumper stickers, but geeezzzz. I went to the store to stock up on juice supplies, etc when it hit me, "Omgodess I simply can't afford this". Like Seriously. People who are strapped for cash will understand this. If you don't understand it...lucky you. 
My hippie philosophies serve me well, but sometimes it boils down to I simply can't do it. My bill was about $125 and $100 of it was Kennedy's snacks and her food. I decided that a simple, clean, 100% whole food diet for the next 30 days (no vegan ice creams, snacks, etc)..30 days only to cleanse my system in a more subtle way would be fine.
 So, here I am. I am also aiming to eat a bit less. I previously was consuming bigger quantities and working out like mad, but now I"m going to cool it on the heavy workouts and focus on keeping things really simple. I have an appt on Thursday to quit the gym so it will be my garage treadmill, spinning bike, kettlebells and dumbells. 
I'm making an effort to blog (even if shortly) everyday until Oct. 1st. Someone sent me the sweetest message and though she asked that I not make it public, suffice it to say that it moved me so much. So those blogs will be done with her in mind ;-). Today I woke up walked a slow 30 minutes on the treadmill just to get the lymph system pumping had a nice breakfast and it's off to clean before taking Kennedy and her friend to the swimming pool. 
1/2 GF oatmeal 
1 c frozen mixed berries 
1 tbsp flaxseeds 
1 c organic fairtrade coffee with ricemilk

Now I am off to organize and clean. I'll fill you in on my I'm having for lunch and dinner later or on tomorrow's blog! Don't waste this weekend. Get started. 


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