Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Workouts and Meals When Crunched for Time

Majority of the emails I receive (and always feel free to email me...I'm always listening) are about:

  1. How to get STARTED
  2. How to eat/train when your life is BUSY
So, today I want to address those two things. And in that order. Even if you are already on your path, maybe this advice can be passed on to someone else you know who is struggling with getting started.

I have to say that getting started is the HARDEST part of this healthy living process.  People ask the questions: how to start? where to start? There is so much info out there about diets and eating it blows your mind! And now that we have blogs you have zillions of people's personal experience to sift through.

Well, let me say this: GET STARTED ON A PROGRAM THAT RESONATES WITH YOUR SOUL. If you don't have a problem eating dairy (I do) then design a program that allows for grass-fed meats, and organic dairy. We look at other people and think that THEY have the answer to what is best for US. It doesn't work like that. Just look around at healthy living guidelines (drink 3L of water per day, eat tons of veggies, get rest ) etc and make your own HEALTHY LIVING BLUEPRINT.

Example of Jayna's Healthy Living Blueprint:

  • Rise Early (7 days a week. No later than 8 am like EVERish)
  • Drink 16-32 oz water FIRST THING (about 90% of the time)
  • Training done early. I prefer first thing, but normally will do it around 9 ish (soon to change)
  • I eat whole foods 90% of the time (sometimes GF cereal, GF wraps, organic tortilla chips, etc)
  • I eat raw foods everyday. I don't chart it, count it, or makes % of raw. I just eat it.
  • I don't eat after 8pm....80% of the time.
  • I write down what I eat, but don't count calories M-F on Sat and Sun I don't write it down and I eat very "loosely"
  • I can't/won't make myself crazy with this. Lifestyle implies something I will be doing for the rest of my life. I make changes as I see fit. My goal is to feel really fucking good everyday therefore now I:
    • Eat superfoods
      • Maca, spirilina, reishi on the way
    • Don't take forever to workout (quitting my gym...post tomorrow)
    • Take hot bubble baths- 4 per week...long soaks while reading a great novel
    • Only doing things I want to do...not feeling obligated to do shit I don't want to
    • Erasing guilt...in all forms....
That was just an example, but you get the gist of it. You can fill it in however you wish. But, just know that YOU have to live with it. YOU have to wake up everyday excited to do it all and excited to see changes. 

Quick Meal Ideas:

Breakfast: On Sunday put 1/2 c organic oats in several small containers in the fridge. I add 1 tbsp flaxseed (ground) and some fresh berries. On the day of, I just add almond milk/water and cook. Or I add water the night before and eat it cold without cooking in the morning after my workout.

Smoothies- Hella quick...

Lunch/Dinner: GF wrap with tons of veggies/beans/daiya cheese/avocado etc inside. BAM.

GF veggie sandwiches. 

Prep on Sunday and then just grab our already made beans, quinoa/brown rice/ cut up veggies and make a bowl of goodness. I put romaine in, cold beans, cold quinoa, curry, salt...BAM. Add a small salad

Quick Training Ideas:

Fuck driving to the gym. Gyms are bullshit. (Sorry I am just not feeling them lately) They do have their place and time...sorry for the harshness. But if you are crunched for time, don't spend any driving and getting your locker...go downstairs in your garage or like I do in front of my bed and have your own gym.

Grab a jumprope, stability ball, and a set of heavy dumbbells and repeat this circuit:

  • Jumprope 1 minute
  • 10 Military push ups
  • 10 Heavy squats
  • 20 Jump lunges
  • 20 Full crunches on Stability ball
    • Repeat 5 times

There honestly isn't any reason not to eat well or not to train. Even if you only have beans and rice in your house. Or bananas and spinach. WHAT YOU DO HAVE IS A CHOICE. And so many people feel like they don't. You choose what you shove down your pie hole so choose whole foods...cooked or not. and if all you have is 10 minutes, jump rope in place (rope or not) an do that circuit above. 

Want some motivation? Email me. I'll help you in any way that I can. 


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