Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am not sure that I am getting my point across effectively on the blog when it comes to my views on raw vs cooked food so let me be very clear

without a doubt, raw organic water rich foods are the best foods to consume on the planet. point blank. period. without equivocation. inclusion of cooked food into my diet was one of a clear and distinct choice. It wasn't like one day a vegan sandwich was calling my name. I had been 100% raw for a few years and felt like I was spinning my wheels...financially and that I was over-consuming nuts/oils to feel full during the freezing cold East Coast stopped feeling like the right thing to do 100%. However, the tenets of raw food, the exemption of overly processed crappy vegan foods became paramount.

Perhaps I could have found a way to stay full and warm during the winter months without eating cooked foods, but why? I never saw raw as a RAW-ligion and subscribed to its philosophies because they did (and still do) resonate with my soul and help me to vibrate on a different wavelength. In my mind a bowl of organic gluten free oats and berries with flaxseeds was far superior to a bowl of soaked/sprouted oat groats combined with a zillion ingredients to make them palatable. Or dinner of 1 steamed sweet potato and steamed veggies and rice made more sense than a huge salty plate of dehydrated burgers and breads just for the sake of staying raw.

In my honest opinion nothing is wrong with either of those choices. But when your food choices start to consume you...trouble you...or you feel like it is all in your head it is time to step back and realize there is a real world of problems going on and your battle between rice vs romaine really ain't that big a fucking deal. I am not trying to be insensitive AT ALL. I struggled with food for a long time during college.

If your goal is to be 100% then do it. Get armed with books, superfoods (or not), and some cash and get your kitchen raw ready!!! That is awesome. I believe that a 90-100% raw diet while living in a tropical climate is the BEST LIFE EVER. I truly feel that way. If you are like life...stressed for time and strapped for cash...then a whole foods super high raw diet could be the way to go... for time, finances, and peace of mind.

I'm always listening. If you have any questions feel free to email me!


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