Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bag of Juice and 4th day of 21 day Simple Cleanse

When I say "bag of juice" what I mean is in order to make the mornings go a bit more smoothly, I bag up all the ingredients that I will use in my juice in eco ziploc bags and have it in the fridge ready to juice. This won't make that much, but on my Simple Cleanse, I am having green juice every morning so I can't afford to drink a gallon per morning. lol :)

Tonite I did a killer workout. I was literally dying...hopefully my simple cleanse helps me to reclean my diet and helps to restart my fat loss mission! 

    • ALL x3x15
  • goblet squats
  • burpees
  • one arm row
  • curtsy lunges
  • super planks
  • jump squats

I pack my bag for work everyday with my breakfast (which I eat on my first break), my lunch and my snacks. It is a fool proof plan for eating yummy goodness all day long. It's the only plan I have because I wouldn't be caught dead eating that shit they have in the lounge. Gag me. 

If I am going to overeat or eat something "wrong" it will be gluten free and vegan. Some of that stuff should be illegal to sell. I'm serious.

If you have to be gone from home all day come up with a plan about how you can prep and cook food on the weekend (or a weekday) and bag up and bring snacks with you. I will try to get some pix up to show you how I get ready for the week.

Off to do about 5 minutes of yoga, journal and read a book! If you don't have a bedtime ritual, I highly suggest you get one :)


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