Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Cooking and Beginning of My Simple Cleanse

I was up really late watching scary movies on lifetime.  Stalked at 17 was a mess! And the other at 17 .
Therefore I slept in late. Until 7:30. I felt like I was on vacation! I had some water and lime (they are less expensive than lemons :) And a quart of grapefruit juice that I made last nite (kinda weird tasting) and am about to have a bowl of oatmeal with flax and chia seeds. Yum. Today's workout is only going to be 100 KB swings (spread out througout the day) and yoga...the mat is all laid out. 

I've talked ad naseum about one of my idols wonderwoman Kris Carr. I wrote more about her in this post right here.She came into my life a long time ago when she was first coming onto the health scene. I just received a call from a very dear friend telling me how grateful she was that I introduced Kris into her life years ago. We both cried during that phone convo :)

Well, she has done it again. She has a cookbook coming out on Tuesday Oct. 30. I preordered it over a month ago and am so excited that this week it is coming out. Now my funds are majorly limited, but when it comes to anything she makes I know it will enhance the quality of my life 10 fold...investment indeed.

Here's the awesome thing...if you preorder the book, you can get access to a video series that she and Chef Chad (major cutie) made together. The video series gives a video about juice/ beans/ sauteing/ knife skills, shopping in the produce department. I love them.

I'm writing this because if you are waiting to find ideas and reasons or motivation and practical ways to get started, her books are the real deal. While the first few were written for the canSer thrivers, they are all beneficial to everyone.

 I am embarking on the 21 Day Cleanse from her book Crazy Sexy Diet. I will just incorporate any recipes from her new book Crazy Sexy Kitchen as I go along. I have got my job schedule down now so I have determined how to get my juices/smoothies/foods in on my breaks. Also, I will continue getting up early and start to rise 30 mins earlier (5:30 am) starting tomorrow to fit my 20-30 min workouts in before getting Kennedy up for school.

Cleanse Day 1

  • Affirmation: I am capable, confident, intelligent, resilient and in charge. Health and happiness are my birthrights and I accept with gratitude
  • Water with lime, green tea, grapefruit juice, oatmeal (with extras), red beans and rice with sauteed kale, green smoothie (spinach, banana, almond milk, frozen pineapple)
  • Exericse: 100 Swings and yoga

I'm off to cook up this butternut squash and get Kennedy some lunch. I hope that you have a productive Sunday and get ready for the week! 

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