Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cold Saturday Mornings and Busy Food Ideas

Early cold Saturday mornings can find me washing clothes...and meditating. Nothing like the stillness of a new cold morning to help me reflect on my priorities and on life.

Shocker but today will be a crazy busy day. I will make time for 50 swings and 20 pushups and maybe a slow stroll on the treadmill.

Heading across town about 36 minutes to Wegman's for quick foods to eat for the next few weeks as I finish up all my apps. I will do a post tomorrow with what I buy. I'm thinking of

*burrito ingredients (beans...GF wraps...avocado)
*oatmeal with all the fixins (raisins...flax...chai..fruit)
*Clif bars (fancy way for sayng GF candy bar)
*green smoothie ingredients (thinking of pumpkin smoothies...applie pie smoothies, etc)
*and more!

So, if you are reading this and have things to get done...GET TO IT!


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