Saturday, November 3, 2012

Get in ONE lane: Tunnel Vision and Tips for being Healthy When Busy

I am turning the blinders on to get my applications done. I will be partaking in my fair share of soy chai vanilla lattes, quick green smoothies, burritos, and easy soups in order to carry me through the next three weeks. I can feel myself getting overwhelmed so instead of falling back on back habits, I am making sure to keep up with my self-care rituals. 
This morning I woke up to piles of dirty laundry, a kitchen in desperate need of a cleaning, and a terrible nose bleed (me and central heating do NOT get along). I made sure to take care of the bloody nose (talk about priorities :) ) and made a huge steamy mug of tea and sat at my altar. I journalled quickly to release all the crazy busy thoughts swimming around my brain and then I did my morning meditation. Feeling refreshed I decided that the best use of my day would be to get dressed and head STRAIGHT to the bookstore to begin my work. If I stayed home I would have gotten caught up in doing a few loads of laundry, dish washing and vacuuming  I know this about my past behavior.

Saying all that to say, sometimes in life when we have a great deal of things to accomplish...multi-tasking is the opposite of what we need to do. I have found through severe trial and error that focusing on ONE THING at a time is far more effective than trying to do and complete three things at once. Just put your mind on that ONE thing. Now the Type-A mom in me is going a bit crazy because I am behind on baking, cleaning, organizing things for the Fall holidays, but....exhale... there will be time for that...there always is. Next year this time I wont' remember that my house wasn't spotless clean the first few weeks of November, but I will remember accomplishing all that I seek to accomplish in the next few weeks.

Therefore, there must be a drastic change in my exercise and diet routine. I can't dedicate 5 hours per Sunday to cooking and food prep. Things will need to be EASY for the next few weeks. Here are my ideas for making that the case...
  • In the A.M. Making 2 pints of juice for the day (more if I use the grapefruit AND ingredients for green juice. This is a guaranteed way of getting goodness in my system when I wanna run in and grab GF animal cookies like I did late last nite...shhhh
  • Making 3 pints of green smoothie in the morning and throwing some chia seeds in for bulk. This is a great idea when I want something filling. I grab the smoothie and also some fruit (grapes/banana/apple).
  • Burritos. Meaning...rice (premade), beans (premade), lettuce, cheese maybe, and dressing (see below)
  • Oatmeal (already in small containers mixed with hempseeds, chia seeds, cinnamon, and almond milk). Grab a container and start eating
  • Huge bowl of chopped romaine to throw beans/chickpeas and dressing on top of. Which leads to my last point
  • Make a container of tahini/lemon/garlic/nutritional yeast/tamari dressing
Didn't workout this morning, but will get in my minimum (50 swings, 20 pushups, 20 squats) before bed. I'm off to finish working and keep focus. What do you need to do that isn't getting done? Are you focusing on fitness and weight loss and ignoring other important and pressing areas in your life or close relationships? Could you benefit from going into the tunnel for a while to get an assignment done? If so, I suggest you hop to it. NO one will give you permission to do so... you just gotta make it happen. :)


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