Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Can Tell I am getting Better When...

Off again from work. Tomorrow I am going in for sure, but this morning I had a slight fever still and felt like crap. I did notice an improvement in myself though!

Yesterday I did a healing meditation and took a gang of vitamins. If anyone is wondering NO I do not take OTCs. (Over the counter meds). Kennedy doesn't either except for migraines and surgeries obviously!

I can tell I am feeling better when I start planning. As a self-professed Type A personality, I love lists...plans...color-coded memos and this afternoon I made plans to finish my apps and get back on track with fitness.

Honestly, the thought of doing a pushup right now makes me shiver, but hopefully by Monday I can ease back into it.

Here is a pic of some great hearty veggie soup that I made two months ago. I defrosted it and can enjoy it now that I am not feeling well. I haven't forgotten to show you the chai recipe* I just haven't been in the kitchen much AT ALL lately. :(

Send me some well vibes so that I can be back to myself in no time!

<3 Jayna'


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